Can I send multiple CC to Boss RC-600 in one action (eg single press of MC* button)

Hi all. Midi newbie here. MC8 and RC-600. I want to try set up a single midi button press on the MC8 to select and turn on 3 separate Input FX pedals. They are all on the same bank on my looper, but even though I have tried to create an assign for each effect to turn it on, I can’t seem to figure out if it s possible (or how) to switch on multiple FX with a single midi button press.
Any help appreciated - thanks

I have the RC-500 not the 600 but it should be doable. Only issue I’d see is that Boss often doesn’t like multiple messages to quickly together. There’s a newer feature in the MC8 though to delay the time between messages so I’d start there if it’s not working.
Just program each command all with a press (or all release) on the Morningstar.

Thanks - appreciate the comment. I am still not clear on how to send multiple commands though, in 1 press. If I set up an action/message, pressing once sends message 1, and then pressing a second time sends message 2 - see screenshot. Trying to figure out how to send multiples with 1 action (I recognise I am probably missing something really simple/basic here, so please bear with me).

Not sure why the Boss is seeing it as such.
As programmed, when pressed once, the Morningstar should send both messages. Might want to try adding a “delay” message between those two and test. You can also check on the Morningstar software under Midi Monitor to insure both messages are going out. If adding a delay message works, there should be an overall setting somewhere on the MC8 to add a delay between all messages so you can adjust there instead of programming a “delay” message for every use.

By the way, the setting where it says “Message Scroll Off” does what you’re describing (first click sends first message, second click sends second message and so on) but as set it will send ALL messages programmed with the first Press

Thanks again - makes sense. I will try later this evening, hopefully this solves my query. Much appreciated

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Don’t hesitate to come back with more questions! It took me days even with the vast help here to program my Boss RC500 how I wanted it. Boss midi implementation is terrible in general.