Can I invert the display on my M6 so the text is dark and background it light?

This is how the display is on my M3 and I find it easier to see.

no, the lcd cannot change color. If you’re finding it too bright, it is possible to adjust the brightness with the internal trimpots

I’ve got my MC8 connected by USB for MIDI, which also powers the unit. The screen is on 24/7 as the MC8 is still powered when my computer sleeps. Will this effect the longevity of the screen? Perhaps a screen sleep feature option might be worth consideration if so (eg. after an hour of inactivity).

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Our LCDs from 2016 still works fine, and we’ve been using it extensively.

The LCD on/off function is not designed to be software controllable. If you did not adjust the brightness trimpot to be at the brightest setting then the LED backlight should last very long (my estimate is easily 3 years or more if left on 24x7).

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