Can I "bank jump" to last viewed page in a bank?

As per the post title - here’s my use case - I have set up a few banks- one is called “SONGS” and in that bank, each preset is for a specific song and all 24 presets are used across all four pages.
When pressing any of the Song presets, a PC message changes the preset on my Fractal FM9 and a “bank jump” command takes me to page 1 of a “PERFORM” bank on the MC6 Pro (for some songs, it goes to a song specific bank) On the Perform page, I have a switch to “bank jump” back to “SONGS” so I can select the next song.

However, when I go back to the “SONGS” bank, it always goes back to Page 1.

Is there a way to go back to the last viewed page in the bank? It would be useful as I progress through the set so I don’t have to cycle through pages to get to the next song. Alternatively, is there another method I haven’t thought of?

If you program the bank jump and choose ‘go to last used bank’ , there will be an option called ‘go to last used bank and page’. That should do it.

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@GuitarWolf - that did the trick - Thank you so much!