Can figure out how to make MC6II toggle Ableton Live, please help

I just got MC6, updated firmware, watched videos and instruction but have no luck recognizing cc midi signal from it in Ableton Live as taggle. I used morningstar midi editor to set up prest, tried custom and tried copy pasting from midi dictionary for MC6 II device and nearol dsp cortext settings. Toggle messages as message = 10, or 127 or value with “both” toggle parameter. In Live enabled sync, remote and track for both in. In live it only recognizes it as off signal, but not a toggle :frowning:

Please help me find out where and what i am missing :frowning:

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Made it work only with sending 127 on single press and 0 on double press. When trying to replicated with toggle position 1 to send 127 and togle postion 2 to send 0 still no luck. Please help! :frowning:

Have you enable ‘Toggle Mode’ for that particular switch? Check out this video: