Can a MC6 control faders on an X32?

I’m in a band with 3 guitarist… when solo’s come up, there’s rarely a suitable boost. I’d like to setup a 3-5 decibel swing with a single footswitch, boosting the soloist and reducing the 2 background guitarists. I have a Morningstar MC6 pedal that I hope can manage this with, but not sure if the X32 can support such settings. Each of the 3 guitarists take solos, so I would need 3 different settings. Any of you guys with Midi experience with the X32 know if this can be done?

I found this blog a long time ago that discusses midi messages for an X32. I haven’t ever got around to trying to set any of it up with my X32, so I’m not sure if it all actually works, but it looks like good information if it does indeed work as it says.

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Thank you jmay214… I literally was just reading that! So it does seem like it should work, I would just have to play with the values to accurately set the decibel level changes.

Jmay214… in case you, or others were wondering, I was able to get this to work. CC was the channel, fader setting was for 0db was 95, -5db was 80. I set the boost up to 95, back to 80 on the solo channel, then for the cuts, I went from 80 to 70 and then back to where all 3 guitarist baseline was 80 / -5db for now. It worked exactly as I hoped!!! Thank you for your help.

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that’s great. I’m most looking forward to trying to midi adjust levels to reverb and delay for the vocals. I’m gonna set up midi values on my Onsong ipad app for each individual song and switch it all by swiping to the next song. Using my Selah Quartz for all midi clock tempo changes.

My band uses OnSong as well… are you saying that OnSong can send midi controls to change scenes on the X32? That would be freaking awesome… I can setup band changes per song (primarily lead singer changes) when the new song is selected.

Ya absolutely. You can send any Control/Program changes you want per song from Onsong. I’ve been using it for over a year with several devices like Line 6 Helix/HX Stomp, Boss ES-8, MC8/MC6, and Selah Quartz. I like to keep only only a few core presets on my Kemper and Onsong is really useful for those few songs like Comfortably Numb that need a few different effects tweaked. So, I’ll use it to send individual commands directly to those effects that need some different presets pulled up or adjusted.
You can also assign individual tempos per song to send out using Onsong as your midi clock, but I use my Selah Quartz for that because it’s more reliable.

I use this midi interface in my rig, because it’s pretty advanced. It allows me to connect to my ipad with a lightning to USB connector.

You can purchase this cheaper interface and it can do the same. Only difference is it has less features and midi ports.
You can set up these interfaces to connect to a wifi router and then connect the ipad to the router wirelessly and send mid that way. I just prefer the cable for reliability.

In Onsong, when you have your song pulled up, you just click on the little Pencil icon to go into edit mode for the song then click on the Metadata icon (the i in the circle). then scroll down to Midi - Send.
Just add in the commands you want in order and then save the song. Also, you might need to set a few midi settings in your global settings.
Information on the Onsong site can help you with anything else you need to get going.

This screenshot shows a Program Change sent to my Selah Quartz, a slight delay to allow for changes, then CC to my Kemper to tell it to switch to a new performance, then a command to an MC8 preset to make a few changes to clean up some things from the last song and set a few effects.
the channel 14 one is for a Line 6 HX Stomp if I need to swap it in for a backup device.

Onsong is a must have for me as I play in a variety cover band that follows the set list for a while and then we pick songs from random all over the place. Then instead of swiping, I can still scroll quickly to find what I need. Otherwise I would be doing a lot of tap dancing to get set up.

P.S Midi Solution products are good if your midi chain starts to get too complicated and you need something to clean your signal up.

I’m still digesting the plethora of information you provided… THANK YOU! I need to think my way through this. When I connected my MC6 to use it during our first rehearsal it didn’t work? I spent a little time trying to figure it out, but had to give up as the rest of the band showed and we had to get to work.

4 guys in my band use OnSong, I try to manage everything through my device, backup my file and load the backup on their devices. Of course, if they make any edits they get lost, but I can’t manage that at this point.

I also have been using Mixing Station as the front end on the X32. It’s rather robust and can be setup to your liking. I may end up creating Snippets no the X32 to accomplish the same midi change concept for the guitarist, then I would want to use the MC6 to control the Snippet changes. I can’t automate changes as our band doesn’t play any song the same more than once… solos go longer, or guys forget, etc. (we’re old guys, not that serious about this!). So I have to have some type of manual control over mix boosts.

I may call on you for more assistance… if you don’t mind. You really have this down to a nice science! Playing both the Kemper and Helix, very nice, leaving nothing to chance!!!

Thanks again for your feedback and direction.

I’m for sure turning into a midi master with all the problems I have to solve every week. My setup has turned into a monster with 2 MC 8, 2 midi thru boxes and 1 midi merge box. I’m still ironing out all the bugs, but love to help others with everything I’ve learned.

Have you using OnSong for any DMX stuff? I have a foot pedal that I setup scenes, and then arranged chases using the different scenes, but I have to change the speed and fade for each different song. It’s a bit of work and get less reliable as the night goes on, after enjoying an adult beverage or two ya know.

Still working on the midi control stuff with OnSong and my MC 6. We just had our first gig since March last weekend, and I was more focusing on the music than the technical stuff.

My band just uses some cheap unsynchronized lighting, so all that is far beyond me right now. Maybe some day when I have my guitar effects rig set exactly how I want it and I’m not spending all my time tweaking and programming that.
If you need a different app for midi control I’ve came across 2 others that are really useful. Midipad 2 and Ribn.
And grats on the return gig. My band still isn’t back to the usually amount of gigs yet either, but it is nice getting to play again.