Calling presets in Strymon timeline bigsky etc. above pc nr 127?

Is there a way to select banks on strymon bigsky etc , that are above the the pc number count 127?

Since you have you have 33 for preset A on bank …, 34 for preset B … etc.

Which means you can call up just around 40 banks instead of 100, on the big sky?

Am I missing something or doing something wrong? Or is there a way to select banks above that pc number ?

PC messages run from 0-127. Typically, if there exists more presets on a MIDI device, they’d be separated into banks. For the Strymon Bigksy, they are split into Bank 0, and 2. You’ll need to send a bank change command (CC#0) to change the bank first, then the PC message to recall the preset.

More info from the Bigsky manual:

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