Cable assistance

Hey there!

My MC8 arrived last week and so far I’m loving it!

Right now it is controlling a TC Flashback, Boss MD500, Boss RC5, Voodoo Lab GCX and a Two Notes Captor X.

I also have 2x amazing 3 switch AUX pedals made by Bright Onion Pedals here in the UK.

I have one annoying pedal which only has a midi IN - the Whammy DT. It’s on the floor, not in the rack, so I’m thinking, is there a way I can connect it separately using the Midi out through the third of the four 1/4 jacks? If so can someone recommend the cable please as I’ve looked and can’t find one.

The Whammy DT is standard 5 pin midi in, so would need 1/4 to standard Midi. All I can seem to find is smaller (like the one I use for the Boss looper)…


Try searching for “5pin midi to TRS”
There should be enough options regardless of where you order. You can also build one yourself, it’s pretty straightforward:

Yup if you cut an existing MIDI cable into 2, you just need to solder one end:

If you do purchase one, just make sure its a “Type A” MIDI to TRS cable

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Thanks for the replies. Especially the mention of ‘type a’.

I want to rule out making my own, so really just looking for a ready made product I can buy somewhere. So far I’m still coming up empty handed with only 5 pin midi to type A 1/8 coming up in my searches. Is it just a case of buying that and sticking a 1/8 to 1/4 TRS adapter on top?

These Strymon ones keep showing up in searches too - kinda pricey and no mention of type a or type b. Will any of these work?

Strymon TRS Midi cables aren’t standard type A or B.
In fact they have a proprietary circuit inside the cable like this picture above.
For connecting with Whammy DT you can go with the 5 pin to TRS type A Midi cable plus the 1/8 to 1/4 TRS adapter.

Thanks - jeez I miss the days of buying cables where there were no diagrams involved :sweat_smile:

How about this with an added adapter?

I have a pair of those Befaco cables and they work good for me

Fantastic, thank you for the help!

I don’t get it…why do you want to buy a cable with a 3.5mm plug plus an adapter instead of directly buying a 6.35mm one?

Nobody found a midi cable with 6.35 on one side and Din 5 pin on the other for sale. Did you? If so, please leave the link here. If not, now you understand.

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I don’t! I would love to buy exactly the correct cable, can anyone link me one? I know exactly what to google but I can’t find one.

Just because I couldn’t find any info on this while searching online, I thought I’d pop in one more reply for anyone trying to Google this in the future.

Cables arrived 2 days ago and I can confirm the Befaco Midi A TRS to 5 pin Midi cables work just great with the Digitech Whammy DT.

Link to the product is below if anyone needs them, 3 pack is very cheap:

You’ll need to pair these with a 1/4 to 1/8 TRS adapter like the one below:


Try here. I have a ¼” (6.35mm)TRS to midi (din 5) and it works very well.

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Any more suggestions for 1/4" TRS to 5 Pin Din Midi Male? Preferably less than 1 foot in length.

Somewhat surprised the MC6 doesn’t have these available for purchase (and odd that it offers 3.5mm cables as a bundle).

I got these from Juno

Those are 3.5mm, not 1/4" (6.5mm).

There doesn’t appear to be any on the market. I used adaptors. I managed to find low profile adaptors.

If you are set on 6.5mm just make your own. It’s a 5 minute job

we are currently manufacturing some 5pin male to 1/4" female adaptors. should be another 2 weeks+ to completion