C4 synth problems

Hi! anybody out there controlling a source audio c4 synth. I got a MC8 midi to disaster area usb host interface, then plugged in to c4 with usb A to usb mini B cable. Cannot get any messages through. any help would be very appreciated.

thanks in advance.

Have you seen this? It’s about the DMC micro, but it might give some ideas:

Also make sure that the midi channel of the C4 is set to 1

yeah i have one of those. i was using it but it was too small and hard to operate. and worse case scenario ive thought about burying under my board and try controlling it through one of the multi jacks on the mc8 to the midi in/out.
I did read some stuff today about the c4 should be left on channel 1 and the ghost interface usb host set to whatever channel you assign. and should not be on the same channel. which seems strange but i’'ll try it. when i get home.


well i got it to toggle on and off, and increment and decrement through the presets. Next i would like to recall specific presets. which might be too much to ask. lol. Channel one on the C4 is the key.

Have a read of:

Lots of great info here. thank you very much!!! got it working like i want now!

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