Bypass Toggling

I must be missing something…

I have Bank 1, Preset A set to bypass on/off a Walrus Audio D1 via release, control change (cc #29), cc value 0 = off, cc value 127 = on. I also have Preset A set to Bank Jump to Bank 11 via a double-tap. Bank 11 is set up so I can call up different presets on the D1.

The Bank 1 bypass on/off works great until I hop over to Bank 11. When I return to Bank 1, I have to tap on button A twice to re-engage control change 29 (bypass).

Is there any way to avoid having to tap button A twice to enable bypass once I’ve returned to Bank 1?

Thanks for any and all help!


You can have something like this programmed in your Bank 1 Bank Preset, so that when it enters Bank 1, the toggle position is reset

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That’s brilliant! Thanks, James.

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I know this is an old post, but bumping it to say thanks!!! And also offer kudos to the forum search. I had this exact problem and I searched on “Bypass All” and this was the top result…solved my problem! LOVING the morningstar stuff. Just so well thought out.