Bugs in MC6 Pro v3.12.3

A preset message type “Bank Jump” to go to the current bank does not action “On Enter Bank” messages. It seems that “On Enter Bank” messages are behaving as “On Enter Bank - Execute Once Only”.

Not sure if it’s actually a bug, but on power up the 3 screens flash quickly twice, then blank for about 5 seconds, then startup text shows for about 1/2 second, then the unit is ready to go.

If you’re using the Bank Jump to jump to the same bank, then the bank isn’t actually exited. So it does not execute the exit and enter event messages. I’m not sure if it should? Might cause more confusion

Yes this is normal - just a routine to show that the MC6 is receiving power before the LCDs are being initialised.

Many thanks fior the prompt reply, James

I thought using bank jump to the current bank worked in my previous version 3.11.2, but I could be wrong, But no problem, I can add the bank entry messages to my presets.

cheers, and thanks for a great product!