Bug? Use value from Exp pedal

@james - I think this is a bug, or at least sub-optimal behaviour!

MC6MkII. Was on 3.8.6, updated to 3.9.0. When I look at one of my bank preset messages (CC #103, value 0) that existed before the upgrade, the new ‘use value from expression’ toggle was set on. Easily switched off, but guess most users wouldn’t expect it to be set on?

It should have been off by default. Did this happen for all the CC messages in your other presets, or only for the bank presets?

What I think we’ll do is add an “initialisation” function so when users update to v3.9, a function will run to initialise all these values.

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Hi…. Just the bank presets affected!

Thanks @james - this is a great update. Soooo many useful new things in here. You and the team are doing great stuff here!

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