[Bug] Short/Toggle name flash without pos change while using aux pedal

repro steps:

  1. create a preset on the MC6 that toggles between two pos states. Don’t use toggle mode, use Toggle Preset. Assign a toggle group.

  1. create a preset on the aux switch (american loopers 3 button in my case, if it matters - i guess the connection might, but I doubt it) that banks the MC6 in pos 1 and a pedal in pos 2.

If you do this, and use the aux switch, you will see each time you press the aux switch the short name is displayed, although the action that executes will reflect that pos 2 is in fact the current pos state. (given this, the toggle name should continue to be displayed). It reverts to the correct name on button release, so it is only cosmetic.

So in the case above, although I have switched the aux function to bank the SY-200 (which it does correctly), on each press the name on the MC6 button flashes “Aux-SY” (the short name, which is the pos 1 name that the button should be labeled before I engage it to bank the SY instead of the device)

Would be nice to fix it though. Please LMK if I can provide more info.

thx -


Morningstar_MC6_MKII_Bank_Backup_File.json (28.6 KB)

theres a bank…