BUG: MIDI Clock BPM speeds

I’m running into a bug when trying to send out MIDI Clock tempo information to my pedals (Strymon, Line 6 & Microcosm):
When setting the BPM in the editor (eg: 75), if I set the “Show Tap Menu” parameter to NO, it doubles the BPM sent to my pedals (eg: 150). However, when I set the “Show Tap Menu” to YES, it sends the correct tempo.

Anyone else running into this?

I’m running firmware 3.8.6 on my MC6 mkII

Hello @Corbin
Whats your setup scheme? Have you connected any Midi Out from Strymon, Line 6 or Microcosm back into MC6? If so you have to set Controler Settings / General Configuration / Ignore Midi Clock to Off or Midi Thru to Off. Otherwise you will have a duplicated clock sync signal at Midi Out (one from MC6 and other passed thru from Midi In).

@XLooper , nope nothing feeding back into the MC6. It’s the oddest thing.

i’ve got my MIDI coming from the MC6 into the HX Stomp, then the big sky, the timeline, then terminating on the riverside. Each has their assigned channel, and none of them are sending midi data to anything.

The blinking tempo shown on MC6 screen is 150 BPM? (I have a MC8 and I’m not shure if MC6 shows tempo on screen)

i’m using the web editor, and on-screen it shows 75 BPM, but when triggering that preset, the Timeline shows 150.

It’s weird because, like I said, if i change the MIDI clock event to show the tap menu, it triggers 75 correctly on the Timeline.

On MC8 the tempo shows directly on device screen. Unfortunately I have no more tips to give. One mistery for @james experience and knowledge (or anyone else).

I just tested this on the MC6 v3.8.6 with the Timeline and am not able to reproduce this - the BPM on the Timeline shows 75 correctly.

Can you share a picture of your setup? If you connect the Timeline directly to the MC6, are you able to reproduce this issue?

Crisis averted!
After doing some troubleshooting, I found out the HX Stomp was set to also send MIDI clock, which meant it was receiving the MIDI clock data from the MC6, passing it through, and sending it’s own instance of the MIDI clock…thus doubling the tempo for all devices after the HX Stomp.

Changed the setting and VOILA! Fixed. :metal:

Good job. It was a duplicated clock signal but not the way i imagined.