Bug: MC8 freezes when triggering Message of a Preset with "Message Scroll" activated

I just got my new MC8 and ran in my first issue:

I have configured Preset A to scroll from Message 1 to 3.
Message 4 has “no action” but type “utility” to toggle the scroll direction.
As Message 4 has “no action” set, it is not part of the scroll and is not executed when Button A is pressed.

Preset B has Action “Press” and type “Trigger Messages” with Preset A and Message 4.

When I press button B the MC8 freezes until I do a cold boot.
I would expect Preset A Message 4 to be executed. I am not sure what would happen to the message scroll counter of Preset A in this case.
As I am a new user I can not upload my bank backup data.
FW is 3.10.2

Welcome! I’ve haven’t tried that myself but it looks like it should work - locking the controller is a weird one!

You have disconnected from the editor before pressing the switches, yes?

Oh yeah, just tried replicating the settings and it does hang the controller.I will check it out this week. The issue is with using the Trigger Message function to execute the “manage preset scroll” message type, which causes it to hang

Hey James, can you share any news to this topic?

Yup we found the issue. Will need to do more tests before before I can post a beta firmware here. probably in a day or 2.

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2022-12-02_MC8_Firmware_v_3_10_2_Trigger_Message_Preset_Scroll_Bug_Fix_Beta.hex (572.3 KB)
Can you give this beta firmware a try and see if it resolves the issue for you?

Nice, thank you. I’ll try on Tuesday, as I have no access to the device atm.

Hey James,
I can confirm that the fix in your firmware resolves my issue.
Thank you!

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