[Bug] Heel down prevents Presets activating

MC6 MkII 3.9.6. M-Audio expression pedal connected to Omni 2 and calibrated (exp pedal works fine / “known good” model).

If I leave the pedal in heel down, can’t engage any presets on the controller itself. Repeatable across all banks, whether or not a preset is actually selecting an exp message.

Example bank attached (note, I use on enter once only exp message to deselect all exp messages at power up so that each Preset can select the exp messages it requires).

Morningstar_MC6_MKII_Bank_Backup_Core sounds_20220103_135926.json (28.4 KB)

Thanks for reporting - I can check it out tomorrow but in the meantime, can you confirm if setting the exp sensitivity to Mid resolves this issue? I’m suspecting that there might be some jitter in reading the values when your exp is at heel down

Hi! Have just tried all three sensitivity settings and same problem on each. Whilst no expert, “jitter” sounds right to me.

If I engage Preset A in that Json then Exp sends a CC to MIDI ch 1 until I stop moving exp and then CC ceases… but the pedal in question (SA C4 synth) shows that CC is still being received when heel down / not moving i.e. the green control LED flashes erratically. No such light when exp in any other position and movement has ceased.

Also, when I calibrate, in heel down the value hovers around 3-4 and on the MC screen it’s flickering, whereas toe down is static at 127.

This pedal has dual wiring modes (switch underneath) and a “sensitivity” pot on the side - both are set where I’ve always had them though. I did wire a new TRS jack on (not recently - did I when purchased to shorten the cable)…. I guess there’s a chance there’s some crossover between pins but it metered ∞ ohm tip to ring etc when I soldered it?

Can you confirm if using a different TRS cable causes this issue still?

Usually when I experience this kind of jitter, a refitting of the TRS cable (plug in and out and ensure that the cable is fitted snugly), to ensure the the contact points on the 1/4" jack in the MC6 is in contact with the 1/4’ TRS plug, solves this kind of issue.

Hi…. Can’t try a different cable because it’s captive ie moulded / “built in” to the Exp. I did unplug / re plug but no difference.

The Exp Gets unplugged and re plugged because it sits off board… to be honest it was really cheap so if problem persists I could purchase an alternative!

ah ok got it. What if you try the other omniport, does it make a difference?

If while in calibration, the value hovers 3-4, it means that the wiper in the expression potentiometer isn’t fully in contact with the ground. Decreasing the exp sensitivity should resolve this though. What if, during calibration, instead of going heel down all the way, just push forward the pedal slightly so the value shows 6 to 10 or something on heel down. Does this help?