Bug fw 2022-05-11_MC3_Firmware_v_3_10_2_Beta


I have noticed a bug in the latest fw.
I have a custom sequence bank arrangement. My first two banks are for songs. When I select one of these songs my mc3 jump to another bank with the presets of that song.
in order to jump back to the song banks, I long-press footswitch A.
The mc3 jumps back but now only some banks are available. For example, the first two banks are Songs1 e Songs 2. The second one once I jump back can not be found anymore. The only way to see all my banks is to unplug and restart the MC3…

Hope it can be solved.

Can you share your controller data dump settings so I can see how programmed it?

I am attaching my current backups.
Unfortunately, since I have a gig in 2 days to fix the problem I have already rearranged all the banks and the custom order now follows the banks as they actually are.
I still have the custom sequence option activated to reduce the number of pages available.
It does not seem to have problems like this. I am sorry I did not make a backup earlier but it was kind of urgent…
I have not modified the presets.

controller_settings_all (1).json (7.5 KB)
Morningstar_MC3_All_Banks_Backup_20220516_200153.json (450.6 KB)

If you updated from v3.9, it might be due to the change in logic we did for the Bank Jump message type.

Previously, if you were using the custom bank sequence, the bank jump messages will follow that sequence. So a Bank Jump to Bank 2 will be always jump to whatever bank is set at Bank 2 in the custom bank sequence.

However, in v3.10, we updated it such that the Bank Jump message will always jump to the underlying bank. So if you shifted your banks around in the custom bank sequence, it will always jump to the same bank.