[Bug fixed] MC6II MIDI Clock Bank setting

Hi, first time post, have found a small issue with the MC6II when using it with the desktop editor, hopefully someone can help out:

  • Edit Bank tab, creating a MIDI clock tempo setting on entering bank - works fine.

  • When doing this on multiple banks, it sets the tempo of all the banks to the last one saved, so now all banks are sending MIDI clock at the same tempo of whichever was last entered.

Thanks for this. I’ll try to replicate it on my MC6. Can you share a screenshot of your bank preset settings?

Ok I just tested and the issue is that the editor isn’t refreshing the message when the bank is changed, if the same message exists between banks. If you click on “Clear” to clear the message, and then you change banks, you’ll see that your bank preset setting is loaded correctly.

I’ll push the fix to the web editor today.

This issue is fixed in the web editor: https://editor-mkii.morningstar.io/

That was quick. Thanks!