[Bug] Editor not refreshing?

The editor is not updating when I click Presets - either via Chrome or installed as Chrome app. Problem persists after power cycling laptop and MC and/or F5 refresh of browser.

MC6 MkII 3.9.6. Staging Editor v1.2.5B


This is Preset A Bank 1 i.e. the first thing that “loads” when MC powers up:

When I click e.g. Preset E I see:

i.e. the labels change but not the messages themselves. This is repeatable i.e. if I change to other banks, and select Presets in the editor, the messages don’t change. The MC itself is showing a newly selected bank fine, and it operates ok - looks like for some reason the editor isn’t refreshing anything other than labels.

Perhaps it’s just me but all I did was switch on, nothing’s changed beyond adding some presets to Bank 19 this morning!

Morningstar_MC6_MKII_All_Banks_Backup_20220102_102216.json (847.3 KB)

chrome_log_txt.json (8.6 KB)

I might know the issue, although I didn’t experience it during my development. I’m pushing an update now to staging - v1.2.5C - should be up in a couple of minutes. Do let me know if the issue still persists, thanks!

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