[Bug] Bank Jump Executes Switch Press After Jump

I’m setting up my MC8 with a list of songs on the initial banks. If a song has multiple presets I will set the song preset to do the following on press:

  1. Send a PC change message to my modeler (Boss IR-200)
  2. Set the MIDI Clock to the song’s tempo
  3. Bank Jump to the Bank with the song presets
  4. Engage Preset to the intro preset for the song

The Engage Preset appears to be completely ignored due to the Bank Jump. As I was troubleshooting I noticed any time a Bank Jump is performed it selects the preset in the Bank that was just jumped to. I have no Bank Enter or Exit actions setup on any of my Banks.

To reproduce:

  1. Set Bank 1 Preset B to “Song 2”
  2. Add Press Action with Bank Jump to Bank 2 and Save
  3. Set Bank 2 Preset B to “Preset 2” (be sure to define the “Long Name” value as “Preset 2” as well).
  4. Exit edit mode and press the “Song 2” preset on Bank 1.
  5. Observe the display will read out “PST B : Preset 2”

Can you share your controller “all banks” data dump file?

Bank jump always executes last in the sequence of messages. If your Engage Preset is after the bank jump message, the Engage Preset will execute first, before the Bank Jump. Bank Jump executes only when the switch is released.

Regarding the preset display on the MC8, it always just shows the current active preset, so if Preset B is the last active preset is bank 1 and then you jumped to bank 2, it will show Pst B in Bank 2.

I’m confused though. Does that mean if I do a bank jump it automatically engages the same preset in the newly active bank? I would expect it to just update the screen to show the new presets but not actually select any of them unless I do it manually or via the Engage Preset action.

If it doesn’t change the preset automatically when you execute a bank jump (I’m of the strong opinion a bank jump should not do any preset engagements) then it should continue to display the name of the Engaged Preset on the screen and not the name of the Preset in the same position on the new Bank.

I tried attaching the dump and I received a message that new users aren’t allowed to upload files…

I can’t find the setting to allow uploads by new user at the moment.
Can you email the file to us at help@morningstarfx.com? I’ll have a better idea of whats going on once I see your settings.

you need to change channel to 2 if morningstar is on one

What do you mean if Morningstar is one? If the MC8 is one? I am not sending a midi message to the MC8 to execute a bank jump (at least I wouldn’t expect it to work that way). If a bank jump is executed by the MC8 sending a midi message to itself which the OS then has to interpret to make the change that would be way less efficient. Compared to just having the OS execute the Bank Jump directly rather than via midi message. Wouldn’t it?

I would expect the midi controller, in this case the MC8, would not be sending and interpreting midi message to itself. Just sending them to the connected midi devices, in my case the ML5 on Channel 1, IR-200 on Channel 3, and the Collider on Channel 4. If I program the MC8 to do a bank jump on a switch couldn’t the OS interpret and handle that action since the sender and receiver are the same device and bypass any hardware messages?

I loaded your data but am not able to find any presets related to your earlier example.

Anyway, I created one from your earlier description:

So the sequence as programmed in Bank 2 Preset is:

  1. Send PC message
  2. Bank Jump to bank 3
  3. Engage Preset Bank 2 Preset A

The actual execution will be as such:

  1. Send PC message
  2. Engage Preset Bank 2 Preset A
  3. Bank Jump to bank 3

The bank jump messages always executes last. You can’t, midway in the current preset, jump to a new bank, and then continue executing messages in that preset in the new bank. If you need to execute presets when you enter a new bank, you can use the Engage Preset message in the Bank presets instead:


If you look at the All Banks dump I sent on Bank 1 Page 2 there are two song presets that I’ve defined. Forever on Preset N and Living on Preset O. I didn’t have enough presets for the songs to justify putting them on two different pages so I’m sharing a page for both. Note when you select “Living” it drills into Bank 17 Page 2 and show Preset O is selected. As far as I can tell it does appear to be activating the correct preset for the song but the display says Preset O is selected. Activating “Living” should activate Preset I “Living Hope Swells”. Likewise, when I select “Forever” the display says Preset N “Living Hope Chorus+” is active. However, it should display “PST O : Forever Reign Rhythm”.

Thanks for the clarification. Ive loaded the data you sent in your latest email to check.

The preset displayed on the screen shows the active preset. The Engage Preset function doesn’t change the active preset ie. if you press Switch A to engage Preset A, where it has an Engage Preset message to engage Preset D, the display will still show Preset A (Preset A is the active preset).

I guess the confusion is when there is a bank jump. Engage Preset function doesn’t change the active preset, so if you last stepped on Switch A to engage Preset A, and then there’s a bank jump to bank 2, the display will show Preset A in Bank 2.

We can’t change this logic though. It might be more logical to just clear the preset display when there is a bank jump.

That might be a good compromise. It appears as though the correct preset is getting selected. The display is just off. As I was thinking on this further, I can see why you may not want to set the display to the preset activated by the engage preset command. I can see where one might use one of the extended presets, the presets that are beyond page 2 of a bank, to have common settings that are used spanning multiple presets and in that scenario you wouldn’t necessarily want that to be displayed as the active preset.

As a software engineer myself I rarely find myself on this side of the development lifecycle. :relaxed:

I appreciate the shear power and flexibility that these units offer. I’m loving it so far!