Brand-new ML10X - on-device buttons behave erratically?

Hi there! New to the forum, just got my ML10X in the mail, and the first strange thing I notice is that I am getting a lot of erroneous double-presses from onboard buttons, when navigating the onboard menu. It results in items being skipped, I have to try several times pressing up/down/left/right buttons to get where I want. Very odd and very consistend and replicatable behavior.

Strangely enough, I don’t seem to get any errouneous double-presses when scrolling presets with onboard buttons, only when navigating menus.

Is this a hardware problem?(((

Hmm… 8 days and not even a hint of reaction from the manufacturer. Is this normal, or is the user forum the wrong place to ask support questions?

Usually you would get an answer by the devs when posting here. Sometimes a post might be overlooked though. If you’d like to contact the official support go to

I did notice this issue as well with my recently received ML10X. Often, I would have to try and tap very quickly to avoid skipping over two or more menu items - this only really affected the initial setup for me and was not unworkable - it just took a bit of fiddling to get there. Overall, it was a very minor issue for my purposes as I operate it via USB wireless MIDI 90% of the time without a problem.

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Yes, the double press is an issue (sorry about that) - it’s a software problem. We’re working on fixing it in the next update.

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James, thanks, this is good to know that hardware-wise all is good with my ML10X.

Looking forward to the update with fixes and (hopefully )) some new exciting features!

This piece is a true gamechanger in this industry. Keep’m coming )