Boss Ve-500 Midi

So I’m relatively new to MIDI and am having trouble with my Boss Ve-500. Does anyone have experience controlling this pedal with their morningstar? I’m having trouble getting anything other than the tap tempo to work.

I don’t own a VE 500, but I have some experience with other Boss 500 pedals.
What exactly are you trying to do?

I would really like to be able to control the loop function via midi. Both to start/stop and also to clear the recording. Right now, I’m using an external footswitch to start/stop and using fx2 button to clear it. I’d like to get all that to the Morningstar.

Ok, have a look at this (page 20):

Unfortunatly it looks like this isn’t possible, you can’t assign those functions to cc messages. A midi relay switcher would do the job though:

Or get a midi capable looper., like the boss rc5