BOSS RC500 set up on MC8

Just got my MC8 and hoping to get help if anyone else has already created a template for theirs or have some idea how best to set it up. Sadly it only has 8 assigns to use so trying to max use.
Anyone done same thing yet? thanks, Mark


Just got an MC8 a few days ago. I purchased it to use with my new Boss RC500.
I am a musician, not a programmer and finding it difficult to find info on how to use both of these together. If anyone can give some suggestions it would be much appreciated.


Same boat as you, just got mine and looking for info on how to set them up together. If you’ve figured it out or have any new information please post an update, Cheers

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Don’t know if you guys have figured it out yet but I have some information for you.
I have the Boss RC500 and the Morningstar MC8 and I have been successful with the pairing after a bit of trial and error.

Basically, when it comes to MIDI, I personally am so used to the device telling me or dictating to me what CC# it is and then you just pair it up. This is the first time that Boss have let you choose the CC# for the assigns on a looper.
Then, on top of that, the MC8 is a blank page as well and only does what you tell it.


First, Download the Parameter guide fro the Boss rc500 and choose the pedal functions you want the MC8 to do. (piece of paper and a pen hehe) looking at the options of Assign1-8.
Next, Program up the MC8 with Control changes, two for each button (i’ll explain why in a min).
Lets say button E (top left) you want to be UNDO/REDO. you choose the CC# so i’m gonna pick cc# 83 for this example (why not).
Msg 1 is a press Control change of cc#83 with cc value 127 on midi channel 1.
msg 2 is a release control change of cc#83 with a cc value of zero 0 on midi channel 1

Dont know why but for some reason the RC500 needs to be told to turn off as well as turn on.
then save that preset to the MC8.

Now the Boss RC500 - go to memory. scroll to the Assigns (we’ll use assign1 for this)
turn is on
assign source is the cc# so that would be cc #83
src mode is toggle
target is CUR UND/RED

and thats it!!

For tap tempo, its just one press (no need for the release) and Midi Clock Tap as the type.


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Thanks for sharing! We just procured the RC500, and this is going to save us a lot of time.


Hey! :wave:
You are more than welcome. :pray:

Really good info here. I just received my RC500 today and have been trying to get it working with midi as well. Thanks to your instructions I have been able to get some of the functions working, but I’m puzzled by the Rhythm Patterns. I have been trying to make a button that will scroll through them. The problem is that the values for the patterns range from 0-127 but not evenly. Some patterns seem to have 2 numbers associated, others have 3. For example, Metronome 1 is 117-119 while Metronome 2 is 120-121. Does anyone have any ideas on how to set this up?

There is a setting on the morning star which is tap tempo which then shows up the tempo and can flash in time (on an MC8) which the RC500 just seem to behave with.
Nothing to set on the RC500, it just follows the midi clock. :+1:t2:

Yeah, tempo is working without any problems. I’m curious how you would change rhythm patterns ( simplebeat1, samba1, etc ) via the MC8. I set up the assign on the rc-500, used a scroll value on a preset to increment / decrement but I don’t understand the reasoning behind the CC values that change the patterns. :slight_smile:

Me either.
I set it up to increment and noticed that it changes around every five clicks so my best guess is that they divide the number of patterns / kits by 127 ?

It’s frustrating because I can’t get the morningstar to increment 5 at a time for instance unless I use the message scroll which only allows me a certain number of messages

Anyone else have any luck?

PS does anyone know whether the assigns could be increased in a firmware update? It seems odd that it has only 8.

It happened on the RC-505 which went from 8 to 16 ASSIGNS in a firmware update. The question is whether Boss wants to do it with RC-500.

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I really hope they do

I have done exactly as your tube instructions. .
Every thing show up on the editor and MC8 as programmed but does not trigger the Rc 500.
What’s wrong ?
How will I know whether it’s sending the date to the RC 500?
Used the channel 9 to send the midi channel

So I’m not sure if anyone is interested, but Roland replied to a support request concerning the Rhythm patterns and their associated values. If you’re looking to get a specific rhythm pattern on a preset, then here they are:

Much thanks to the Roland support team for providing this info! :slight_smile:

Rhythm Range CC Values Morningstar to RC-500

Value Pattern
0 SimpleBeat1
3 SimpleBeat2
5 SimpleBeat3
7 SimpleBeat4
8 GrooveBeat1
11 GrooveBeat2
13 GrooveBeat3
15 GrooveBeat4
18 GrooveBeat5
19 GrooveBeat6
22 GrooveBeat7
24 Rock1
27 Rock2
28 Rock3
31 Rock4
33 Funk1
35 Funk2
37 Funk3
39 Funk4
42 Shuffle1
44 Shuffle2
46 Shuffle3
48 Shuffle4
51 Shuffle5
53 Swing1
55 Swing2
57 Swing3
60 Swing4
62 Swing5
64 SideStick1
66 SideStick2
68 SideStick3
71 SideStick4
73 SideStick5
75 PercusBeat1
77 PercusBeat2
80 PercusBeat3
82 PercusBeat4
84 LatinBeat1
86 LatinBeat2
89 LatinBeat3
91 LatinBeat4
93 Conga1
95 Conga2
97 Conga3
100 Bossa1
102 Bossa2
104 Samba1
106 Samba2
109 DanceBeat1
111 DanceBeat2
113 DanceBeat3
115 DanceBeat4
117 Metronome1
120 Metronome2
122 Metronome3
124 Metronome4
126 Blank


My Rc500 goes only up to CC#95? ( when I turn the source to the right .
How do u get numbers higher than 95

Those are values for the rhythm patterns. So if you assign CC#95 to the rhythm pattern and send it a value of 117 then you’ll get Metronome 1. Value 42 would be for Shuffle 1, etc…

Thanks Tim
Shall try it.
But iam having the basic problem of getting the RC 500 working with MC8.
Everything shows up on the editor and MC8 but does not trigger the Rc500.
Is there any basic instructions you can share step by step on the editor and Rc 500 settings
As an example?
Than you very much

Youtube was a great resource when I was starting out. Above you’ll see posts from JohnPAulMusicUK. He has a wealth of info on looping in general as well as specifics on the MC8 and RC500. His Youtube page is here: