Boss RC500 mic mute on mc8

Hello everyone, I’m trying to set the Boss RC500 mic mute and can’t figure it out. I know I can set up the mute in pdl1 or pdl2 since I can set it up with the fs7 switch but I’d like to set it in the mc8. Are the omniports able function as a switch? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m afraid the omniports can’t be used to do that. You would need a relay switch to do that.
Something like this

It’s been a while since I was deep into my Boss but how are you programming the FS7 to mute the mic? I believe the same target you set up on the switch you can change the Assign from the ctl to whatever CC# you want to use. Boss is wierd in that you get like 8 “Assign’s” (and you manually program in the Boss pedal what 8 CC#s you want to control whatever Target (parameter). Pretty limiting, and a lot of the Targets are not intuitive (something like Track Stop doesn’t stop the track but changes if it stops immediately on press vs plays once through etc)
Otherwise as GuitarWolf mentioned Morningstar makes a relay switch that you plug into an omniport and can act like your FS7. They are out of stock at the moment but may be able to find a used one. The MC6Pro has them built into the device btw :wink:

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Thank you for the reply. I think the best workaround for the time being will have to be to set the track select as the mic mute and move the track select to the Morningstar. On the RC500 you can set either pdl1 or pdl2 in control as mic mute. Oddly enough I can’t set it in assign. I may solder up a normally open momentary switch this weekend if all else fails.

Yeah I was worried that was one of the ones that’s not an assign. Boss really misses the mark across the board on their midi implementation I’ve heard. The loopers especially seems like that department has never used a looper in practice. I ended up moving everything I could to the Morningstar and rebound the on pedal switches to things like this that are missing in Assign.

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I finally gave up on the convoluted mic mute assigning game with Boss. I simply ordered a normally open momentary switch and made a mini switch just for the mute. Ironically the VE500 didn’t even have the option for a mute….that was a letdown. Mainly because the idea of not using a mute on a mic pedal is just……idiotic at best? Boss nails it sometimes and other times they just make you scratch your head. Either way I used a spare JHS mic mute for the VE500 and all is good. I was going to make a pedal with a mic mute switch on one side and a momentary on the other but this layout I stumbled across with the homemade single switch actually works very well so I’m keeping it as is for the moment. Cheers

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