Boss RC10R, changing drum pattern


Anyone have any tips for a press to scroll through the drum genres ? (Rock, Jazz, Pop etc)

I have looked at the midi implementation guide and it seems to say that I can send pc messages (0 to 15) to the RX Note Channel. I have set the control midi channel to be 6 and the RX note channel to be 8.

Sending pc messages to channel 6 changes the patch, however sending pc message to channel 8 seems to do nothing

Any tips would be greatly appreciated !

Thanks !!

Hi. You’ve set the RX note channel to 8 but are trying to send PC messages via that same channel. Only note messages will be received on channel 8 because that is what you have set up.

Hi many thanks for reply

If I look at the midi implementation doc, then boss specified two midi channels to receive.

The RX note channel is set to receive specific notes (ie drum hits, hi hats etc) but also pc changes - so things like acoustic drum kit etc

So u can’t send pc changes to the control channel because it will change the patch , but sending it to the note channel will change the drum kit

Anyways I don’t think boss have implemented rhythm pattern in midi. In the rc5 they have but not it seems in rc10