Boss RC-600 changing rhythm patterns

Hi everyone, just received my MC8 a few days ago. I’m very new to midi, but I get the gist of how CC assigns work. I am however having trouble with my RC-600. I was able to create an assign to start/stop the Rhythm, but I can’t for the life of me get it to change rhythm patterns. On the RC-600 I go to Menu>Assings and Assign CC#10 for example, as the source, source action from 0 to 127, Target to Rhythm Kit, then Target Min from Studio to 808. Assigning those values on the MC8 absolutely nothing happens.
Found this post CC Value Scroll, and tried creating a preset that increases in value the same way, also nothing.
Any ideas on how to get this working?

After playing with settings for a bit I now realize that the RC-600 is very limiting in its midi implementation. I figured out that the reason nothing was happening was because the only thing being changed is the Rhythm KIT, and not the Genre/Pattern/Kit, and there are only 16 kits. So going through 127 values means it only changes the kit every 8 presses. I set the values from 1-16 and now it works to change the kit, but I don’t see a way to change the Genre or Pattern in the RC-600’s Assigns, which really sucks. Not sure why they’d do it this way, it makes zero sense.

The Boss RC-500 has the Patterns as Assign, but the steps are all over the place. One pattern might span 3 CC#s and the next will span 5 or 6. Short of contacting Boss for the exact list you can’t really just use a CC Scroll (unless you’re alright clicking multiple times to trigger the next Pattern.
I’d be surprised if that’s not assignable in the RC-600 and just labeled something dumb.

It’s set up a little differently on the RC-600. Rhythm is split into 3 options, Genre, which changes the overall feel/rhythm as you’d expect, variation, and Kit, which changes the sound of the set (Acoustic, Studio, etc), and which has 16 different values available. There are assigns for Variation and Kit, which I’ve gotten to work with a CC scroll after changing the default 0-127 values to 1-16, but there’s no option to assign Genre, which doesn’t make any sense, because that seems like the most obvious and important one to want to control. I’ve gone through the CC# list, and there’s nothing on it that could be it, so I don’t think it’s an odd naming or anything like that. Just seems like they left this out for whatever reason. I’ve emailed Boss though, so I’m hoping to hear back from them to see what’s up.

Ahh good to know. I’ve been eye’n the 600 for double the Assigns. Let us know if Boss helps! Seems hit or miss with their support. Always quick to reply but half the time they don’t know about the product they sell. lol

Heard back from Boss support. They confirmed that Rhythm Genre isn’t an assignable control, sadly.

Rhythm Genre is not an available assignable control in RC-600 at this time.
We can document assignable control for RHYTHM GENRE as a feature request.
However, at this time, Roland BOSS USA Operational Product Support is limited to inquiries regarding product operation only. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept product ideas or device feature requests.

I just have to hope enough people hound them about it. Seems illogical for it not to be assignable.

Thanks for the reply!!

But then they wouldn’t be the Boss we know and love to hate!