Boss RC 500, variation change

Has anyone had difficulty with variation change? …it just doesn’t seem to work with my MC 6.

Cheers ,

Check this:

I use my MC6 to trigger Variation Changes in the rhythms. Here’s a screenshot of how I run it. Note that the change happens at the end of the measure so I just hit the button anytime mid measure and will do a fill at the end into the 2nd variation.


thank you so much for the reply. I’ve got it working.
Can I ask you another question: A lot of my commands require me to double tap. Even though I have selected single press on the morning star.


Thanks Wolf!
Great info.


Not sure, maybe share a screen shot of how one of those is programmed? Boss is a little weird and sometimes these pedals need a cc# value of 0 AND 127 to trigger where some do not it seems. For those I have a Press for 0 and a release for 127 or vice versa. I don’t recall which first or second.