BOSS RC-5 does not receive MIDI IN

I am trying to use the MC8 to remotely switch the RC-5. According to the RC-5 reference manual, there are over 30 parameters that can be controlled via MIDI as well as all Memory Bank assignments. The reference Manual states that the RC-5 can receive up to 8 CC messages (CC80 thru 87) but makes no mention of CC value. According to BOSS’s own reference diagram, their BMIDI-5-35 cable sends MIDI to tip and v to Ring, and my MC8 is sending same, but the RC-5 does not react to any MINI IN signal. Anyone else out there have an MC8 and an RC-5 and have been able to successfully remotely trigger REC-PLY-DUB-1SHOT-STOP-CLR or a bank change via MIDI IN for the RC-5?

Tonight I will try a factory reset for both BOSS and MORNINGSTAR to see if that resolves the issue.

Im using the mc3 with rc5. I also believe there is a lack of info for the CC messages. A midi implementation chart is missing… I was able to run start/stop rythm, tap tempo and others, BUT there are others impossible to run like fill in rythm or count in, or start and stop loop… for the ones that i was able to run I used 127 and 0 values for the CC mesages…

Also i had ro run two cc messages for a single function. I don’t know if that is normal…

Can’t you hook the pedal up to your computer and use the Boss Tone Studio to configure the pedal. As I read it from the reference manual you can do it on the device but it can also be done with the application.

Again my reading but I take it that CC#80-87 are available for control and in the editor you would assign a CC# to the function you want to control. And you would set the value(s) for the CC at the same time, e.g. 127=on, 0=off, etc. but it would depend on the function being controlled.

The Tone Studio is for loading Rhythm samples and other folk’s memory loops. It is not for configuration, other than to back up your entire config as a single file and then reload it from backup.
All MIDI configuration is done on the pedal itself. I still have not yet had a chance to factory reset both pedals - this may help. I am in communication with Morningstar and they have tested the MC8 with a BOSS GT1000CORE that uses the same mini TRS ports and was able to successfully pass MIDI to the CORE, but the CORE is not an RC5. I will update this thread upon resetting both pedals.

Would it be possible for you to take a screenshot of your Morningstar Editor page for any one preset that you got to work for the RC5? That way I can see how you have it set up. After I perform a factory reset, I may try unplugging my HX stomp MIDI i/os, and try setting up MC8 and RC5 on same MIDI channel. (Right now, My Morningstar and HX Stomp are both on MIDI ch 1 so that each pedal changes the others banks. This means that my Stomp is using both DIN ports on the MC8 which is why I am trying to connect via TRS and currently have assigned the RC5 to MIDI ch 2

Screen Shot 2020-11-12 at 18.03.24.png

Midi is behaving strange with RC5… I’m still trying to make it behave corrrectly, but until now I had to use two messages for a single action… Let me explain: If you try to control RHYHTM P/S which “Switch the rhythm between play/stop”, you should send the same “CC# with value of 127” wich should alternate between play and stop each time… It results that it doesn’t behave that way. you have to sen 127 to start and 0 to stop. That means two commands… Now, that makes it a pain in the a… to program multiple things in the same switch (press, release, lonpress, etc)

Yep. Boss Tone S is only for loading Wav files. No config.

That’s normal behaviour for Boss products. I’d suggest to use the “toggle preset” feature of your MC.

Sorry - late to the discussion but I’ve also had issues with MIDI on the RC-5 & MC-6.

I can reliably get the “rhythm start/stop” function to work but I have to press the MC-6 switch twice to get it to start and then twice to stop (even though the the MC-6 is setup for a single press).

But my main issue is that when I send out a CC # to control the “Memory Inc” & “Memory Dec” (increase/decrease the memory number) the memories continuously scrolls from the current memory to either memory 99 (in the case of triggering “Memory Inc” or memory 0 (in the case of triggering “Memory Dec”). After triggering either “memory inc” or “memory dec” a couple of times the RC-5 gets stuck on memory 99 and I can’t access the tempo, rhythm, settings or write menus - so I have to power the unit off and then then back on.

I’ve been trying to find other users who have been having an issue with MIDI on the RC-5 in the hope that it is a firmware issue affecting everyone’s RC-5 and not just a fault with my RC-5. I have raised a support ticket with Boss and I will report back if I get any info.

From what I can tell, it doesn’t matter what value you send with the CC # - any time it receives any value on the specified CC # it should trigger the action on the RC-5.

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I heard back from Boss/Roland support desk - they asked if I could send in a video demonstrating the issue. In the process of making that video I had a lightbulb moment based on some of the behaviour I was seeing.

If you are having MIDI issues with the RC-5, try this:
Set your MC unit so that you send a value of 127 with the CC number on PRESS action, and send a value of 0 (zero) on the RELEASE action.

The RC-5 seems to want to receive a value of zero immediately after the value of 127 in order to flush it out and be ready for the next value of 127.

I don’t think this is the intended behaviour of the RC-5 - you should just keep sending it CCs with values of 127 to trigger the action and so maybe a firmware update will be forthcoming in the future?. If not, then at least there is this workaround for Morningstar users.

The RC-5 user manual makes no mention of what value you should send with the CC number, which is pretty poor.

But what a surprise - another Boss user manual lacking in detail and clarity!!!


Since I was still within my 30 day return window, I elected to return the MC5 and concentrate on learning how to use the looper in the HX Stomp. I may revisit the MC5 if/when Boss fixes their MIDI issue.

This is exactly what I have done. Works well enough for me.

All Boss products have that Midi behaviour for may years ago, so don´t expect them to change in a near future. We have to send one CC# value 127 followed the same CC# value 0. You can make it in the same action (2 messages on Press).

That behavior was not documented by BOSS. If that has been their implementation for years, then it should have been documented by BOSS, not by us Morningstar forum users. I am glad to see some documented movement on this - just wish it was BOSS doing the heavy lifting and not us. Their lack of documentation caused me to return the RC-5, and Line 6’s Firmware 3.0 update made the built-in looper much more useful, so I use that instead, and have no issues whatsoever with controlling the Stomp via ext MIDI since unlike BOSS, both Line 6 and Morningstar have detailed MIDI documentation.

Hello @wealthywine. I agree with you 100%. Additionally they do not comunicate with users like other manufacturers do. It’s a shame.

Did anyone get RC-5’s reverse (TRK REVERSE) working with those two CC messages (press 127, release 0)? It only activates the functionality temporarily for me which means I have to hold down the switch all the time to keep it engaged. This seems also to be the case for other functions like REC ACTION.


Wow the RC-5 is frustrating to program. What do you send for just a STOP? I can’t seem to get this working. I have some other things working but without a basic stop it’s going back.