Boss MS-3 Internal effects on/off

I have a multi-effect (Boss MS-3), no midi input, only output, but there is a control in for foot switches.
Which tool can be used to generate a “switching signal” from a midi message (cc, pc, note …)?
I want to turn on/off a internal effect in MS-3 with a Midi message , like a footswitch.
Maybe Midi Solutions Relay does that (not sure), but maybe someone knows another device as well.


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I’ve been looking into this as well but haven’t pulled the trigger so I can’t guarantee (I don’t have the MS-3) I think you need something like these:

I’m looking for extra control of analog pedals with an external 1/4 switch and amp channel switching.

Primova sound MIDX-20
If you want to control MS-3 with midi via USB