BOSS MD-500 SysEx - How to get started?

Greetings forum. I could use some help. I am trying to learn how to send SysEx messages to the BOSS MD-500, but I am at a loss how to start. I saw the post about SysEx for dummies, and I am still digesting it, but I so far am not sure where to start.

I have the MD-500 Midi Implementation guide. I think I need to send some kind of “header” messages to target the MD-500, but I’m stuck. Can anyone help me get started? I’d like to start with a PC change and then get into more advanced messages ideally.

So, just getting started, I’m stuck here.

From the MD-500 manual, just trying to send a PC using SysEx.

I assume my understanding is wrong, because it is not working.

My MD-500 is on channel 2, and trying to do PC#1

That part of the manual is not related to Sysex messages at all. They are just describing a Program Change message in a very very low level format.

Program change identifier is 0xC0. OR the channel to get the status byte i.e. 0x0C | (channel - 1)
Then the next byte is the program change number.
Sending these 2 bytes makes up a program change message

SysEx messages start with byte 0xF0 and ends with byte 0xF7. You can’t use a SysEx messages to send a program change message.

I see. Thanks for the reply. So using the SysEx message type, I couldn’t expect to send 02 C1 00 in order to send a low level PC msg?

In fact, how would I even send F0? The editor only seems to go up to 7F.

The F0 and F7 are added automatically when you choose the SysEx message type, so you just need to input the values inbetween. You should use the SysEx tool so you can just paste a SysEx string and then it populates the messages according to the logic we use.

No, SysEx messages and Program change messages are completely different. A Sysex message will not be interpreted as a PC message.

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