Boss MD-200 Midi control

Hello I am trying to work out how to switch the Boss MD-200 rotary speed fast/slow via midi??
I have the MC8

The speed is accessed by the rate know, I know the cc but cannot switch between fast/slow

Anyone have any ideas??

Hi, usually a rotary has two fixed rates which can be alternated. If you change the rate via cc you won’t switch between fast and slow. Instead you’ll change the rate of the setting you are currently on.
The MD’s manual states that the rotary’s tempo can be switched by using either the rate button or the manual/tap switch. I suggest you try to utilize the tap switch.
Check this to get an Idea how to use midi with a boss 200 pedal, it’s about the EQ200 but in principle it should work the same way:

Hope this helps

Ah thanks, I will have a look. Many thanks

That worked thanks, Do you know how to set a tap tempo via midi on the MD-200??

I assume it will sync to midi clock. Alternatively you could just program a switch on the MC with the cc# you have assigned to the tap tempo switch on the MD. If you send a cc value of 0 and a cc value of 128 at the same time ( both with a press action ) it might work. Sometimes the delay between messages is too short for them to be recognized by your pedal. In this case a common workaround is to pair the first message with a press and the second with a release action.

Thanks, I will try that