Boss GT Core with MC6


In the YouTube video “Boss GT-1000 Core with Morningstar MC3 MIDI Controller” Once you setup switch C to recall U005, how can you then setup switch C again to engage or bypass effect blocks? When I try, it can only do one or the other, not both. Is there a step missing in the video? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

PS: I ended up assigning each bank on the Morningstar (I’m using an MC6 MKII) to a preset on my GT Core. I move between presets on the GT Core by using the Bank up or down on the Morningstar. Then within that bank, I setup the switches to engage and bypass blocks within the preset. That’s the only way I could figure out how to make it work. The only problem doing it my way is there are only 30 banks on the MC6 so I am very limited.

Hi. You will need to use Toggle Mode if you want to use the same switch to toggle on/off an effect block. We made a video explaining it here: Using Toggle Mode on your Morningstar MIDI Controller - YouTube

I’m afraid you are not understanding what I am asking. I know how to setup a footswitch to pull up a preset on the GT Core and in toggle mode to turn on/off blocks within a preset. However, what I am finding is I cannot assign a PC to a preset and a CC for blocks to the same switch. I can do either/or but not both commands to the same switch and have it display/work properly. For example, I set switches A thru F to call up presets U002 thru U007 on my GTCore. That works perfectly. Now, for example, if I recall U002 using switch A, I cannot now have switch A toggle the distortion on/off without losing the preset labels on the MC6.
Maybe a good way to explain it is to use your video as an example. When you have the MC3 setup to control blocks (at 6:13 in your video), how do you now have the MC3 call up presets on the GT Core?

Apologies if I’m not understanding, but are you trying to have the first press recall one message, then have the second press recall a different message? I think you could you use the new Shift feature in Beta 3.9 for this.

All I want to do is call up any of the 250 patches in the GTCore (U001 to U250). Either using the GTCore or MC6 to do that. Then, once the patch is called up I want to control the individual blocks in the patch using the MC6.

How do I accomplish this?