Boss GT 1000 Core with expression pedal and MC6

Question: With the Boss GT 1000 Core, MC6, and expression pedal, I’m plugging into the MC6 1/4 inch with the Dunlop Mini Expression pedal to use the wah in the Boss GT. I’m noticing I’m not getting all of the same responses like plugging directly into the Boss GT 1000 Core expression inputs. Like lowering the volume of the pedal and getting the tuner. I do hear the Wah but don’t see movements in apps when rocking the expression pedal. I would like to use the MC6 as an add-on to the GT 1000 Core to react like the larger Gt 1000. Since the MC6 works with Midi and CC#s will the MC6 work like the Boss expression input? (I have no problems changing banks and presets.)

Welcome! So, I don’t know the Boss but as a rule with the MC and pedals:

  • if the pedal accepts incoming PC, CC or Note values via a MIDI input,
  • and the pedal exposes control of the function, sound etc that you want to control with expression pedal from the MC,
  • and your expression pedal is compatible with the MC…

then yes, you’ll be able to control things using an expression pedal connected to the MC.

You’ll need to read the Boss manuals to determine what values to send from MC to Boss.

This might help with MC-side setup: [Uses & Ideas] Select Exp Message

I have the samt experience, with mc8 though. Did you find a solution?