Boss GT-1000 Core - Toggle Mode taking two foot switch presses to execute

I’m using the following setup for Preset F (see screen capture). I’m finding that it takes two foot switch presses to enable the Delay and then another two foot switch presses to disable it (my expectation with the toggle would be 1 foot switch press). The CC assignment on the Core seems to be correct otherwise I wouldn’t see any change at all. I’m using v3.7.4 and did the reset procedure.

I’m new to the MC8 and the GT-1000 Core, so appreciate any guidance or suggestions. I tried various combinations of Save Preset Toggle, using both (instead of 1 and 2), clear preset toggles, etc… and no luck to get the behaviour I need. I also made sure to disconnect the editor as that was causing some things not to execute properly.


What CC messages are you expecting to send out each time you press the button? From your setting, when you press the switch once, a CC#2 Value 127 will be sent. When you press it again, a CC#2 Value 0 will be sent.

The preset is toggling between two positions (because Toggle Mode is turned ON) and each of your message is set to Position 1 (for msg1) and Position 2 (for msg 2)

Hi James: thank you for the reply.
The behaviour you have outlined is what I would have expected from a CC perspective. Perhaps it is a bug on the GT-1000 Core as it will not respond accordingly. I have to press the button multiple times on the MC8 and then eventually the effect will enable. If I press the button two more times, it will disable the effect. Two more times and then it will enable the effect. It is not toggling the effect on/off on the GT-1000 Core with each button press on the MC8 like I would have expected.

@James, this was the reply I received from the support team at Roland, is there a method to accomplish this on the MC8?

See if your midi controller is able to send an “off” message, or has a momentary mode for the foot switch. Some midi devices do not need an “off” message to respond as you’d like, but in the case of GT-1000 because there are functions that use press and hold, and momentary it needs to have the OFF message sent by your controller.

Since you programmed a “toggle” CC in Morningstar, make sure the mode is set to “moment” in the Boss GT-1000.


@richmois, thank you for the suggestion. I tried that moment setting for the CC setup on the GT-1000 Core, but if fails to respond to any changes from the MC8 when set to moment (at least for me)

@richmois, I stand corrected, now it seems to be working for me. I will keep trying this approach for my other CC toggle setups and see how it goes. Thanks for the information.

Although, I do not own the GT-1000CORE, I have several other BOSS multieffects. There is usually a setting when using CC switching to be in either “Latch” mode or “Momentary” mode. If your switching is not working, changing this mode will more than likely correct the problem.

That’s correct. Also I managed to control the tap tempo of my dd500 and rv500 by sending a cc 0 and 127 simultaneously for each press of the footswich. But you’ll have to map it to the cc# that corresponds to the Tap footswich (dd500) or External CTL switch. You’ll also have to set the tap function to the according switch in the control assignment menue of the boss pedal. took me days to figure that out. Trying to control a boss pedal by midi is a pain in the a**

I am also having this issue with my Boss RC-505 / MC-8. I have tried all number of options shown here but haven’t found a solution.

RC505 settings:

Assgn1 Switch: On
Assgn1 Source: CC# 1
Assgn1 Src Mode: Moment
Assgn1 Target: TR1 PLAY/STOP

I did have luck by setting the press to “CC Waveform Generator” as “Linear Up Once” (not forgetting to disconnect) but haven’t tried this in performance. Not sure if this will cause latency on rec/playback.

A “Boss CC Toggle” type would be useful here.

@james I saw you responded to somebody on Facebook about this issue specific to the RC-505, but it said you’d responded to a support email. Any info you could provide here for posterity?


Hello @Kinetic. Is your problem resolved?

@bryguy Hi, just wondering if you have resolved the issue you are having? I have just started using an MC6 with a GT1000 Core and am experiencing a similar issue with turning effects blocks on and off with cc commands.

@jflade3 , earlier on in the thread, I followed @richmois advice and within CTL/EXP window within the patch, go to Assign, set up a Target Category of say Master Delay ON/OFF, assign a CC (in my case i used CC#2) but set the Mode to Moment, then on the MC8 (or MC6 in your case) I set up toggle mode for that preset but making sure 127 value was the first CC in the toggle. The only additional option I did for changing overall sounds was to reset the toggle position by setting the engage for that particular preset for those effects I wanted to start in the toggle on position and dis-engage for those I wanted dis-engaged, let me know if that helps (added some screen shots)

@bryguy that seems to have fixed the problem though I’m not clear on why you have selected presets as part of your set toggle messages?

@jflade3, here was the scenario I was facing.

  • I setup preset A on the MC to trigger a preset change on the GT-1000 Core (say preset 4), in the screen shot above the engage/dis-engage setup is done within Preset A.
  • I setup preset “x” on the MC to toggle the delay on/off (in my case O, but may not have that many on the MC6), this is the second screen shot with the toggle setup.
  • Within the preset 4 on the GT-1000 Core, the default state of the delay effect might be off to start.
  • Within Preset A on the MC, If I don’t align the MC state for the delay toggle to dis-engage preset O (and the delay happened to be engaged previously), you will find the state of the delay toggle preset on the MC will be out of sync (will show delay ON on the MC but will actually be off on the GT-1000).

If you only used one Preset on the GT-1000 and had everything within it, you may not need to do this, but I found I was always facing a mis-matched state of my toggles on the MC if I didn’t set the initial state to match that of the effect state within the preset on the GT-1000 when it was first loaded.

Hope that helps.

Hey I have rc505 and on this you need to program press on 127 and release on 0 for the same function and it is one press with release and Long press you also put press hope it helps I don’t have a Morningstar but I’m thinking of getting one

I just made a new thread about this but taking into account that my problem is very similar to this I’ll repost it here just in case.

I’m encountering a problem with my MC8 and the Boss GT-1000Core. Normally I work with just one preset for each bank, and every preset in each bank is a part of a song in which I turn on and off each effect via cc messages. This part works perfect without any problems.

The issue is when I need to change to another preset on the same bank, there are songs that are maybe more complex and require the use of another preset for something else, with it’s different sets of cc messages on/off. The problem is that when I change from one preset to another it doesn’t load the appropriate cc messages stored on the mc8, it just loads the way the effects are stored on the preset on the GT-1000Core, and it only works the way I want it the second time I press the switch, almost as if I had stored the cc messages on the MC8 on the 2 position, but they are actually set on both, so it shouldn’t behave like that, right??. I have done the clear preset toggle off/on setting on the bank section but it doesn’t do anything., I just can’t seem to make it work and I know I must be missing something.

Just in case, my preset settings on each bank are normally set to 14 cc messages off/on, I have one message dedicated to the set toggle disengaging all presets so that it doesn’t conflict with the rest, I have also toggle mode on and preset blink on. The banks are set with a program change and a set toggle engaging always the first preset. On the GT-1000Core each cc message is set on Momentary. So, tell me guys, what am I missing here??..

I’m new to the MC6…I was able to get it to work, mainly just trouble shooting and watching the MIDI monitor. The 2 button press was pretty annoying. Basically what we may think of as an action takes 2 messages. So for 2 actions (Start/Stop) would require 4 messages, a Press/Release for each action. Here is the example that works for me:

I wanted to create a toggle button that would Start/Stop play for Track 1
On the 505
    Make sure you set the Assignment (ex: Assign1) on the 505 to “Moment”
    Set you CC# on the 505 (Ex: CC#: 1)
in the Morningstar MIDI Editor
    Create a new bank
    Set Toggle Mode “On”
    Under Edit Preset you will set 4 Messages
        Msg 1
        Action: Press
        Type: Control Change
        CC Number: 1 (my example)
        CC Value: 0
        Pos: 1
        Msg 2
        Action: Release
        Type: Control Change
        CC Number: 1 (my example)
        CC Value: 127
        Pos: 1
        Msg 3
        Action: Press
        Type: Control Change
        CC Number: 1 (my example)
        CC Value: 0
        Pos: 2
        Msg 4
        Action: Release
        Msg 1: Type: Control Change
        CC Number: 1 (my example)
        CC Value: 127
        Pos: 2