Boss EV-30 and MC6

Hi All,
how can I get Boss EV-30 and MC6 working together and especially with Darkglass Exponent 500?
Been looking for information but have not found anything.
Thanks in advance.
BR, Markus

Welcome! If you search “MIDI Implementation” here Exponent 500 Manual – Darkglass Electronics it shows that it has some PC and CC values pre-mapped. So sending those from the MC to the Darkglass will perform those functions. Connect the MC to this using 5 pin din cable. One note: manual says it responds to any midi channel. If you can’t change that to a specific midi channel, that might cause problems. Can sort of be worked around on the MC if not.

As for the Boss, I’d guess it has an 1/8” TRS (stereo) Type A midi in, so a simple 1/4” TRS cable out of an omniport on the MC and ending in an 1/8” TRS jack on the Boss will do the job, once you’ve configured the MC’s omniport.

Oh my bad, Boss EV-30 is an expression pedal known to work with MC. So, just plug it in to an omniport, configure the omniport, program your expression messages and then recall those expression messages in your presets! Simple!

Thanks for the advice. I will give it a try soon.