Boss DD200 cc and CTRL control

Hi all, looking for some slightly more advanced help with the Boss DD-200.

I have all my presets set and and working great, however I would love to incorporate a few of the more advanced functions (freeze, warp etc.)

Looking through the manual, you can set each CTRL 1 & CTRL 2 to perform one of these functions (for an external footswitch), but it seems that you can also control these via the CTRL 1 and CTRL 2 cc#. This is where I’m struggling.

Let’s say I’ve set CTRL 1 to the warp function, and the cc# is 81 (just for example). The warp effect would normally activate whilst the external footswitch is held down and bypass when I let go. How can I program a footswitch on the mc6 to activate the warp effect when I hold it down? I assumed I would send a cc81 value of 1-64 on press, then 65-127 on release (also tried the opposite way round), but no dice. Any suggestions or advice from someone who has been successful with this?

Thanks in advance


Looked around on some of the other forum topics here and was able to find the answer - for anyone who may be interested:
The Boss CC#'s for CTRL 1&2 require absolute values(127 to engage, 0 to disengage). So in my case i wanted CTRL 1 to activate the ‘warp’ function.
MSG1 - Press action, CC# 80 (CTRL1), CC value 127 to the dd200
MSG2 - Release action, CC# 80, CC value 0 to the dd200.

Meaning that when i step on the footswitch on my mc6, i get the warp feature, and when i release, it disengages.

Turns out it was super easy and i was just being slow!

Thanks to all the other posts here for helping me out!