Boss DD-500 Simul Mode CC Changes

Hello all and thanks for the time and effort you put into helping…please bear with me as I am brand new to midi.

I have an MC6 Pro.
The following, in order, is what I would like to do, what I’m currently doing, and the problems I’m still having.

What I would like to do.
Have a bank of delays (e.g. A - DOT8, B - 1/4, C - Tape, etc.) that can be added to whatever I’ve currently got going. e.g. I have Overdrive and vibrato on…go to this bank and add a dotted 8 effect. With a double press double the effect level and a long press to bring the effect level back to normal. Would both the on/off and effect level would need to be in toggle mode?

Because I can’t get Long Press, Double Tap, Long Press Release, Double Tap Release, etc. to not just toggle back and forth from Pos 1 and 2, what Ive done is setup A,B,C with delays and the upper row D,E,F with CCs…e.g. D= Toggle effect level from 75/127 to 95/127 • E= Toggle Feedback from 55/127 to 75/127, etc.

On to the problems…

  1. My alternate presses never seem to not trigger a press. I’ve read over the pressing diagram…tried changing things to releases, etc. No luck. Is this because of toggle? What am I missing?
  2. I can turn presets on and off. I can send CC changes, however, those changes only apply for the bank that is arbitrarily selected via the Up and Down arrows on the device. What is the method to send CC messages to a given bank? Example. The edit option via the DD-500 has been left to the A preset (on the DD-500). However, my I use CC#29 to turn on the B preset (on the DD-500). I then want to control the Effect Level for the B Preset (on the DD-500). I send a CC#18 (for effect level) w/ a CC value of 100…it sends it to A. How do I get it to send to B? I need to be able to tell which button A or B to send my CC#s.

Thanks so much!
P.S. I’m unsure if I should be disconnecting my MC6 Pro before testing…I do on occasion…thoughts?


  1. Don’t use ‘toggle mode’. Any action will toggle the preset if it’s activated. There is a ‘message type’ called ‘toggle preset’. Use this instead combined with the ‘action type’ you want to toggle the preset with. If you want an action to always trigger regardless of the position the preset is on set ‘pos both’

  2. You’ll have to assign the CC# on both presets A and B on the DD. Choose different CC# to be able to differentiate A and B, should be working then iirc.

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Hey @GuitarWolf!
I truly appreciate the help. I was able to more or less knockout the first point thanks to your tip. (please see the screenshot). I’m still not sure I understand how to “combine” the action types and “toggle preset” …is it just anything that comes before the “toggle preset” is automatically “combined?”

As for the second point…this is perhaps a silly newbie question, but how do I assign a CC# on the DD-500? Are you saying I can assign CC#s that don’t yet exist?
In simul mode (where you can run both presets A&B) you activate A with CC#28 and B with CC#29 0-127. But that’s only for on or off. I need to be able to tell send a (example) CC#18 (effect level) to A, B, or Both.

  1. Yes, for example ‘release’ + ‘toggle preset’ will toggle the preset. You can add ‘long press’ + ‘toggle preset’ or any other action type to the same preset if you like.

  2. Yes, you can change the fixed CC# on a global level in the midi category. On top of that you can assign incoming CC# messages to any parameter of the DD on a preset level. Check out this manual p15 and p20:

Awesome @GuitarWolf, that’s great to know. Once again, thanks for the response.

As for point 2.
I think an important distinction is that I’d like to be able to send a CC message (effect level) to either A, B, or Both, regardless of what preset I’m on or what the the DD-500 tells me.
Let’s pretend that CC#94 controlled the effect level of DD-500 Preset A and CC#95 controlled the effect level of DD-500 Preset BB.
If that were the case, I could use a Release action with a CC message of 94 and value of 50 and 100 w/ a toggle preset to tell Preset A what effect level to be at. After that, I’d use a Double Tap action w/ a CC#95 and value of 50 and 100 w/ a toggle preset to tell Preset B what effect level to be at. I just can’t find if it is possible or not.

I tried capturing a video to help explain. I also have an image to help explain.

As per the manual…I really appreciate the tip…I’ve been through it, but I’m not sure it touches on what I’m after. It appears that those manual pages are dealing with Input Sensitivity “Adjusts the input sensitivity when INPUT is selected for SOURCE.” and hooking up to a DAW.

I’m sorry it’s page 17 not page 20 for the global CC#
I’m not 100% sure but it should be working if you go to the menu, and choose ‘assigns’. Then you can set CC# as ‘source’ and ‘DLvl’ (dry) or ‘ELvl’ (effect) as ‘target’. If you do this for both presets with different CC# it should be working, but I might be wrong, it’s been a while since I used the DD in simul mode. Another option would be to send the corresponding PC# for the preset you want to control. The DD is organized in Banks with 3 presets each. Bank 1 Preset a would be PC 0 , Preset B would be PC 1 and Preset C would be PC 2. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have access to Preset C to find the right PC# you have to count it, too.
If you want to control both presets independendly you’ll have to set up two buttons on the MC, just using ‘toggle mode’ with two different action types won’t get you far because the toggle is shared by both

@GuitarWolf thanks for investing your time into a new midi user.
I’ve never used the Assign function before, as I previously only affiliated them with expression pedals. I gave it a shot, but somewhere between my lack of understanding and ability something went wrong.

  1. It’s a bummer (in this case) that Assign is per patch…what I’m trying (and oh so close to achieving) would be more of a global thought.
  2. I set Preset A ASGN1 SW: to On • SRC: CC#70 • Mode: Toggle • TRG: Effect Level • Min: 0 • Max: 120
    It shows as sending the CC via the Morningstar editor midi monitor, but sadly, the preset on the DD-500 doesn’t change.
    Perhaps I’m messing something up?

I’m still trying to wrap my head around toggle mode and the PC of Toggle Preset, but I think I get what you’re saying w/ needing to use 2 separate buttons, which I’m totally down for.

Try ‘moment’ instead of ‘toggle’ for ‘mode’.

That did it. You’re a midi master. Thank you.

I do wish there were a more A preset global and B preset global to prevent me from having to set the Assign of every single preset, but at least I know it is possible. If I find anymore out from Boss, I’ll be sure to update. In the meantime, thank you.

Update from BOSS:
“Thanks for the clarification on EFFECT LEVEL control, specifically for a preset in SIMUL Mode.
This can be tricky.
Unfortunately, the CC# is only controlling the physical knob position as apposed to a specific effect level in an Effect A or B.
We apologize for the inconvenience, We’ll check with BOSS Engineering for a possible workaround or something that can be addressed with a firmware update.
We appreciate your patience and cooperation.
At this time, you’re not able to control the EFFECT LEVEL of specific preset A or B while using A/B SIIMUL mode.”