Boss DD 500, help getting started

Hey all,

I’m new to midi and desperate for some very basic instructions on selecting presets for he Boss DD 500. If you know of a link to a video that would be optimal but I’ll take anything I can get.


first things first

For more info how to switch patches check this thread:

It’s about the MD500 but it is basically the same thing, and you’ll find some links with info for the DD as well.
If you have any further questions feel free to ask. I’m always glad to help. Struggled myself with Boss pedals alot :sweat_smile:

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Thanks GuitarWolf! That got me started.


Hey Guitar Wolf,

I’m still really struggling to access presets on boss DD 500 with the MC 6.

I don’t understand how the Midi map numbers on the DD 500 correspond to those of the MC 6.

I desperately need someone to show me an example of the programming in the morning start editor.

Hope you can help.


Hi, could you tell me how you want to use the unit? There are some differences depending on footswitch modes and routing options.

I have some fanciful ambitions. But for now I’d just like to be able to recall and activate presets.

Under midi map all of the presets are assigned some…numbers. But I’m clearly missing something as I’ve been unable to specifically target any of my presets.


I assume that you operate the DD in “normal footswitch mode”.
The DD is organized in banks with three patches each. If you are in “normal mode” you have access to just two patches per bank (A and B), though.

If you just want to recall a preset just send a pc# corresponding to that preset.
Bank1, presetA = pc0
Bank1, presetB = pc1
Bank2, presetA = pc3
Bank2, presetB = pc4

Just skip every third pc number, because that would be presetC which you don’t have access to.

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Ahhh, thank you for that - Just saw this convo and I was having a similar problem (figured out the how, but not knowing the ‘why’ caused major frustration) - I never realized you had to skip the ‘C’ each time. Takes a village with me, sometimes…haha
Thanks again,