Boomerang Phrase 3 + MC6 + Deluge

Hi! So finally I just ordered an MC6, quite excited!
Does anybody uses it with a Boomerang Phrase 3 Looper? I’m wondering if I could assign various functions from the looper to just 1 button. I see it’s possible with other pedals, but this looper in particular seems to have a limited implementation of midi (but I could be wrong).
Also, any Deluge users?
We’ll be in touch, as I’m sure I will stumble upon many midi walls once I get my MC6, just like a noob :smile:

Thank you!

The Boomerang III will sync to MIDI clock, but you can’t invoke any of its functions via MIDI. Check the manual: manuals – Boomerang Looper

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Indeed, that’s what I had read. But since it has a Sidecar pedal, which works on midi and expands the switch options, maybe there was a way. Thank you anyways!

The Sidecar is a bit deceptive that way: it’s using a MIDI cable to pass information back to the Rang, but it’s not using the MIDI protocol - it’s a proprietary protocol that’s completely undocumented.

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