Boomerang Phrase 3 + MC6 + Deluge

Hi! So finally I just ordered an MC6, quite excited!
Does anybody uses it with a Boomerang Phrase 3 Looper? I’m wondering if I could assign various functions from the looper to just 1 button. I see it’s possible with other pedals, but this looper in particular seems to have a limited implementation of midi (but I could be wrong).
Also, any Deluge users?
We’ll be in touch, as I’m sure I will stumble upon many midi walls once I get my MC6, just like a noob :smile:

Thank you!

The Boomerang III will sync to MIDI clock, but you can’t invoke any of its functions via MIDI. Check the manual: manuals – Boomerang Looper

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Indeed, that’s what I had read. But since it has a Sidecar pedal, which works on midi and expands the switch options, maybe there was a way. Thank you anyways!

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The Sidecar is a bit deceptive that way: it’s using a MIDI cable to pass information back to the Rang, but it’s not using the MIDI protocol - it’s a proprietary protocol that’s completely undocumented.


can midi command values be identified by any sort of device?
I use Boomerang iii phrase sampler too, maybe someone with sidecar can connect to some sort of device( if it exists) to identify the midi values.

I too was interested in this a few years back. I emailed Mike Nelson (the founder of Boomerang) about it in 2015 and this was his reply…

Unfortunately, or fortunately because it was an intentional move, our programmer made the MIDI implementation a little wacky so that it’s not easy to program a third party MIDI controller to emulate the Side Car™ pedal.

I’d love to see it reverse engineered. TBH I assumed it was using SysEx MIDI messages. I ended up buying a Sidecar.

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Surely sidecar uses some sort of midi message values.
I may try going through all combination of midi channel 1-16, cc values, pc values from 0 through 127 one day. Not to mention, momentary/latching/ NO, NC. Lol

Wait, it might actually take ma a year.

It’s possible to connect the sidecar to the MCx MIDI IN port, then turn on cross MIDI Thru. This will pass incoming MIDI signals to the USB MIDI port. Then open a MIDI monitor software to check what messages are being sent.

Assuming they’re MIDI signals at all. My understanding was that the communication is proprietary, and uses a 5-pin MIDI cable because it’s convenient. shrug

Somebody with sidecar and morning star MCx please come up with this experiment.