Blooper & the MC6: Delayed loop start time (when using the MC6 to send 'record' CC message)

Hey guys, I’m wondering if anyone else is using an MC6 to loop with blooper?

All of the CC messages send correctly (start loop, stop loop, play, overdub etc), but there appears to be lag time between the physical button press on the MC6 and the CC message being sent to Blooper—this results in the initial transient of the recorded loop being cut off. It’s quite frustrating.

Is this a limitation of the Morningstar hardware or am I doing something dumb?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks guys.

If you have the switch sensitivity set to 5, or enabled Looper Mode in the device, then the MIDI messages are sent out instantaneously. Can you try that and see if you still face issues?

Thanks so much James—I tried this approach this morning and it worked perfectly.

Additionally, I also tried setting up the commands for loop mode and record to fire from the same switch press so that I didn’t lose a switch to exclusively setting the MC6 into loop mode, but this didn’t work. (I had the loop mode command as the first message, followed by the record command to the blooper). Is there a way that this may work?

Thanks so much for your help James.

Here’s a discussion of the new loop mode per switch feature that might help:

Great, thank you! I’ll check out this tread—I also realised I could achieve this by using bank messages.