Blooper control with my mc6 via TRS


I’m trying to link my blooper to my mc6.

I’ve tried the omniports in various ways - MIDI out (standard) and both ring and tip settings.

The blooper seems to react to the mc6 being connected (the lights flash and it behaves oddly).

I’ve tried various TRS cables, I’ve tried disconnecting the tip of a cable.

Has anyone got this working? I did and then it stopped again so I’m sure it’s user error.

Any thoughts, tips, advice much appreciated!

Happy Christmas


Hi - did you ever figure this out? New MC6 mkii owner here and nothing happens when I send messages to the Blooper via Omniport TRS or CBA Midibox and TRS.


I got it working - it’s a long time ago so I’m trying to remember what I needed to do. It might of been that I didn’t have the blooper set to receive on the right midi channel - and there was a conflict. And when i set it up to receive a new midi channel I sent a ‘control change’ rather than a ‘program change’ to tell it what midi channel to use.

form the midi manual:

Blooper™ is set to MIDI channel 2 by default, but it is easy
to change if you need to. If you want to change it, simply
hold down both stomp switches when you provide power to
the pedal (hold down both stomp switches simultaneously)
and then you can let go. The pedal is now looking for the first
“Program Change” message it sees, and it will set itself to
whatever channel it gets that first message from, permanently
(until you change it again, of course).

I did get it working with just a TRS cable and a midi box. Here’s my preset if it helps that does rec, play, overdub, mod 1, mod 2 on/off etc. Sending on midi channel 2.

Hope that helps.


Hey Mark

I know this is an old post but I’m having the same problem as the OP and then some lol. I’m totally new to midi and I’m having a really hard time trying to figure this stuff out.

I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sending me another link to your preset (I clicked on the one above but it says the link is expired)

I was trying to set up my blooper last night and I just couldn’t wrap my head around the action types and how to switch things on and off, etc.

I was thinking if I had a preset template from someone who knows what they are doing will give me a much better understanding of how to set things up.

Sorry again for bringing up this post again and your help would be greatly appreciated but if you don’t have the time or anything I totally understand.



I’m no midi expert but happy to try and help.

here’s my bank settings for rec / dub / stop+bin

one obvious thing is make sure your blooper is set to midi channel 2 - one thing that always gets me is you need to send it a PC message to get it to see that midi channel not a CC message.

hope that helps.


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Thank you so much man. I used to be a comp>boost>fuzz dude. But after seeing all these awesome pedals coming out I had to check em out.

Thanks again and I appreciate you taking your time to help