Blinking preset name

dear sirs,
is there any way to get my presets name to blink on the first switch press without setting the toggle and using the position 1, 2 settings?

Not sure I understand your question, but are you looking to go between position 1 and 2, or do them both together?

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So if you just want it to blink but have the same messages then turn Preset Toggle and Blink On, and then for your preset messages, set the Pos to BOTH.

I got the preset to blink when the switch is pressed, now how do I make the previous preset stop when I press a new preset switch?

You can use the Set Toggle message in your other preset to control the toggle states of different presets. Alternatively, you can turn on “Clear Preset Toggles” in your bank settings, which will reset the toggle states of all the presets in the bank except the last engaged.

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