Blink when changing bank


I’ve got a MC6 commanding 9 pedals. Everything is fine and the unit is really poweful. Thanks.

That said, i’ve got a small problem. I searched here but found no answer (sorry if it does exist somewhere).

I use blinking cause my pedals don’t have screens, so it helps a lot to know where i am sometimes. I’ve managed to cover most of my needs with blink, except one :blush: When i change banks and launch a preset at the same time, i can’t make it blink.

For example, i’ve got a SOLO preset, launching the Bank SOLO. When i press it, it does engage things (Drive, Reverb, etc). When i longpress it, it does the same plus turn on the echosystem (preset D). It works fine but, although the Echosystem is engaged, the preset is not blinking.

I tried different ways with Set toggle for example but i can’t find the trick. Any hint ?