Blink on both toggle states?

I have a bank on an MC6 MkII (using current firmware - not beta) set up to select scenes on a Fractal FM3 ( not using Fractal integration)
Presets A-E select Scenes 1-5 and the bank is set to blink the active preset. Clear toggle is set in the bank so only the currently selected preset blinks - all good and working fine.
However, I’d like to setup preset F to toggle between Scenes 6&7 on the FM3 but blink when in either toggle state - currently it only blinks on one toggle state.
Is this possible?

I don’t think that’s possible… Blink only blinks when toggled ie position 1 messages are activate

Moley is usally right, but I have to disagree this time. I think it would be possible, but a bit convoluted. If you use different action types and ‘set toggle’ combined with a scroll counter in position 2 to keep the preset in position 2

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