Blank White Screen

I’m having a strange issue every once in a while on launch.

When I power on the MC6 Pro, the middle screen is often solid white. If I unplug it and power it back on a few times, eventually I can get it to come back to a normal screen. It’s been doing it since I got it a couple months ago.


In the current firmware, the code might be initialising the LCD too early and should have been fixed in the beta firmware: Trello

If you do give it a go, can you let me know if the issue still occurs for you?

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It seems to be working!! You guys are so on top of things.

Unfortunately, the white screen is back.

It must have been coincidence that it worked correctly several times in a row.

Thanks for the update. Let me work on one more software update this week to see if it fixes the issue. I’ll update this post once the firmware is out.

If the issue persists, we can get the unit back for repair to swap out the LCD (please drop us an email regarding this)