Big Sky and Timeline - Bank Switching

Hey guys, just got my mc6 (might be a bit overkill for what I am currently doing live but I have room to expand, also I am a complete midi noob) and I am having trouble with some things. Basically I built my set using both the Timeline and BigSky with banks 1-10,1 being song 1, 2 being song 2 etc. all the way up to 10 without needing to switch anything mid song during the set.

What I would like for right now is have on the mc6 preset A be up on both pedal banks and B as down on both pedal banks. Meaning I am wanting A and B from the mc6 to control both pedals and be able to switch to the next song using one press, up or down if needed. I am currently confused using the editor.

Basically I want to do what this guy is doing but using the mc6.

I realize this is a lot of information and I am scouring the internet looking for this fix, but working with midi is so new to me I thought I would ask you folks as well. I am willing to throw some money if anyone can get on a call and help explain this to me as well.

I hope this post makes sense and will be checking this periodically, feel free to ask questions or message me if you wouldn’t mind a walk thru for a lil bit of cash.

As far as routing I am using a midi cable in the midi out of the mc6 into midi in on the big sky (midithru is on) midi cable out of the BigSky into the Timeline with midithru off. Also will get the right cables if needed.
Seriously thank you all so much.

Here is what I have in my editor as of right now and I am sure I am missing a lot of things.
Also I realize I have to send messages but unlike screen caps of other editor windows I do not see where and how to input those messages.

I don’t own either pedal but can help with some basics I think!

Your MIDI chain is MC6 DIN out > Bigsky DIN in (MIDI thru on) > Bigsky DIN out > Timeline DIN in (MIDI thru off). That looks like it’ll work to me!

You’ll need the timeline and the big sky to be on their own unique MIDI channels. Let’s assume MIDI channel 1 for the timeline and channel 2 for the big sky. You’ll configure these within the timeline and big sky menus somewhere. Once you’ve done this, in the web editor Global Settings add names for them and Save - means you can see the device name against MIDI channel wherever the editor displays a MIDI channel:

Then amend your preset A to look like this (and Save when done!):

And preset B to look like this:

That should send Bank Up or Down to both Strymons with one press. Note that I’ve cleared the “toggle” settings in my screenshots - you don’t need to use toggles unless you want a Preset to do something different each time you press it, which you don’t here.

I would also check this setting in Global Settings, and ensure it’s Off:

…if on, this means that when you press a switch on the MC, the editor will jump to displaying that preset on screen BUT certain commands sent by the MC won’t do anything until you disconnect the device from the editor. If off, it means that you need to manually select presets in the web editor to work on them BUT you don’t need to keep connecting / disconnecting the MC6 in order to test that your switch presses are actually working!

Try that?

Dude thank you so much! I somehow got it working when I did one last edit in the editor. I used program change and entered the correct values instead of the strymon option. IDK man, but its doing what I need it to now. Tomorrow I will comb thru everything and do some fixing and adding more. Thanks so much for your post man I will make those channel changes. This seems to be a great community and am happy to be a part of.

Cool! Like I say I don’t know the Strymon stuff - my guess is that the MC’s “Strymon Bank Up” command is sending a bunch of PC messages as a ‘shortcut’ to adding them all in manually… but the beauty of MC is that you can tackle the problem in any number of ways as you’ve found out.

Chances are you’ll find a lot of answers in Strymon - Morningstar User Forum

Have fun!