[Beta release] Firmware v3.10.0 (Renamed v3.9.8)

Figured I’d try releasing the beta firmwares here so I can follow up on feedback. Files below.
Do let me know if you give it a go - it contains all the bug fixes and enhancements spread across different threads.

Beta Firmware needs to be used with the staging editor (https://editor-mkii-staging.morningstar.io/) for access to the new features


  • Fractal Integration

    • Scene names will update when preset is changed on the Fractal device
    • Selected scene name will blink
    • Aux switch can be used while in integration mode
    • Added up to 511 accessible presets for the FM3
    • Changed scene page to 6 scenes fo MC6 and 8 scenes for MC8
      • Exit button is removed. To exit the scene, press A+B or B+C for the MC6, or B+C for the MC8.
    • Added scene number polling so scenes changed directly on the Fractal will be reflected in the MC6/8.
  • Omniport Relay Interface

    • Set starting polarity in the Omniport Settings
    • Setting to sync Omniport Relay Interface with 8 taps automatically when MIDI clock tempo changes
  • New Fixed Switch Custom action: Toggle active preset

  • When Omniport Fixed Switch Custom Ring setting is set to “Do Nothing”, only the Tip will be active and a TS cable can be used.

  • Async expression pedal read

    • Use multiple expression pedals at the same time
  • Fractal integration mode

    • When a new preset is loaded while a scene is selected and blinking, update blinking scene to the default scene loaded in the new preset.
  • Set Exp Sensitivity from Editor in Omniport settings

  • Added Current Bank option for Engage Preset

  • For Bank Jumps while Bank Arranger feature is active, the controller will search for the actual bank and not the pointer.

    • If you have a Bank Jump in Bank 1 to Bank 4, and then you move Bank 4 to Bank 6 in the Bank Arranger module, the Bank Jump in Bank 1 will now jump Bank 6.
      • If you have duplicate banks in the Bank Arranger, the Bank Jump feature will only jump to the first matched bank.
  • Added expression calibration and sensitivity options into the Editor (previously it can only be done directly on the device)

  • Added Preset Name labels in the Engage Preset message type

  • Fixed data dump issue where communication errors between device and editor were frequent (needs more testing)

  • Keystrokes

    • Added Keypad numbers to keystroke options
  • Add Reverse Message Scroll feature

    • Use a Utility message type >> Manage Preset Msg Scroll to toggle direction etc with another action
  • Scroll through multiple messages.

    • Just add a Preset Utility message to “tell” the preset to scroll through the desired number of messages. Does not work with the reverse direction yet.
  • Preset Output Masking now includes USB virtual ports

  • Fractal Integration

    • If using Preset + Scene Select, pressing Bank Down (e.g. A+B on the MC6) while in the Scene menu will bring you back to the Preset menu.
  • Exp calibration can be triggered from the Editor

  • Bank Jump Go to last used bank option now includes Last used Bank / Page or Page

    • Jump back to the previous page on the same bank.
  • Increased global toggle positions from 16 to 22

New features

  • USB MIDI interface exposes 4 virtual MIDI ports.
    • Not an issue for MacOS users as one port can be used by multiple applications (just set the USB Virtual MIDI Ports setting in the Controller settings to 1 if not you’ll see more than 1 MIDI message for each usbMIDI command sent). Windows OS only allows 1 MIDI port to be used by 1 application, so you can’t connect the controller to, for example, Ableton and the Editor at the same time
    • The first port is meant for the Editor. Editor SysEx messages are not sent on the other ports.
  • Added MIDI Delay setting in Controller Settings
    • Increase time between PC and CC messages. Applies to PC and CC messages only
    • Some devices cannot process incoming stream of CC messages that are sent too fast.
    • More delay + more messages = more latency. Probably cannot be observed if delay is kept to 2-3ms.
  • Added option to jump to last bank and page for the Bank Jump command
  • Added Focus Mode for MC8
    • Focus Mode just displays the preset labels and nothing else.

Bug Fixes

  • CC#1 does not trigger bank down in MC3
  • Engage preset message type does not toggle engaged preset
  • Expression preset toggle channel message type bug
  • Missing short name bug
  • Omniport MIDI Clock sending at 4x speed
  • Preset Full name display disappears very quickly
  • Omniport MIDI OUT bug - message needs to be sent twice after bootup to work properly
  • Engage Preset does not engage a preset in the same bank
  • Fixed MC3 load last used bank on startup bug
  • Fixed Cross MIDI Thru for real time Start and Continue messages
  • MC3 Dual switch lock did not apply to Switch AB (Toggle page)
  • Paste Preset to all banks bug


2022-05-01_MC8_Firmware_v_3_10_0_Beta.hex (567.6 KB)
2022-05-01_MC8_Firmware_v_3_10_0A_Beta_NO_KEYBOARD_USB_INTERFACE.hex (563.4 KB)

2022-04-22_MC8_Firmware_v_3_9_8_Beta.hex (566.0 KB)
2022-04-22_MC8_Firmware_v_3_9_8A_Beta_NO_KEYBOARD_USB_INTERFACE.hex (561.7 KB)

2022-04-04_MC8_Firmware_v_3_9_8_Beta.hex (560.3 KB)
2022-04-04_MC8_Firmware_v_3_9_8A_Beta_NO_KEYBOARD_USB_INTERFACE.hex (556.1 KB)


2022-05-01_MC6MKII_Firmware_v_3_10_0_Beta.hex (584.4 KB)
2022-05-01_MC6MKII_Firmware_v_3_10_0A_Beta_NO_KEYBOARD_USB_INTERFACE.hex (581.3 KB)

2022-04-22_MC6MKII_Firmware_v_3_9_8_Beta.hex (583.7 KB)
2022-04-22_MC6MKII_Firmware_v_3_9_8A_Beta_NO_KEYBOARD_USB_INTERFACE.hex (580.5 KB)

2022-04-04_MC6MKII_Firmware_v_3_9_8_Beta.hex (580.7 KB)
2022-04-04_MC6MKII_Firmware_v_3_9_8A_Beta_NO_KEYBOARD_USB_INTERFACE.hex (577.8 KB)


2022-05-01_MC3_Firmware_v_3_10_0_Beta.hex (548.4 KB)
2022-05-01_MC3_Firmware_v_3_10_0A_Beta_NO_KEYBOARD_USB_INTERFACE.hex (545.4 KB)

2022-04-22_MC3_Firmware_v_3_9_8_Beta.hex (548.2 KB)
2022-04-22_MC3_Firmware_v_3_9_8A_Beta_NO_KEYBOARD_USB_INTERFACE.hex (544.6 KB)

2022-04-04_MC3_Firmware_v_3_9_8_Beta.hex (545.5 KB)
2022-04-04_MC3_Firmware_v_3_9_8A_Beta_NO_KEYBOARD_USB_INTERFACE.hex (542.2 KB)


HI @james i downloaded the new beta to check if the scene names are updated when changing presets in fm3 but they stay the same without updating the names, i already tried changing presets in fm3 from the switches as well as with the arrow buttons.

I got it working - I had to set the Fractal Midi Channel to #2. Now when I bank on the FM3, the MC6 updates the scenes accordingly. I’m not sure why that worked lol - I have my FM3 set to Midi channel #1, the MC6 set to #2 and then in the MC6 Preset, I have Fractal Midi Channel set as 2. Basically, I don’t understand midi. But it works!

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Tried it out James, working so far! Thanks so much. I’ll let you know if I run into any issues.

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I have tried this and other configurations but I can’t get it to work.

What exactly would be the midi configuration on the Fm3?

Everything else is working fine with the fractal integration.

there is a setting on the fm3 for it to send PC messages when it changes presets. that needs to be turned on

Ready solved here I leave the configuration for the Fm3 so that the fractal integration works correctly:

Setup-midi-general page:

1.- Midi Channel Choose the midi channel in which you want to receive the messages from the mc6 for example channel 1.

2.-midi thru “OFF”.

3.-send real time Sysex “ON”.

4.- Send midi PC chooses the same channel on which the MC6 is going to receive, for example channel 1.

For the tuner

Setup-midi-others page

1.- tuner CC#15

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2022-03-15 Updates

Please use files in the first post: [Beta release] Firmware v3.9.8

Bug fixes

  • Fixed MC3 load last used bank on startup bug
  • Fixed Cross MIDI Thru for real time Start and Continue messages


  • Async expression pedal read
    • Use multiple expression pedals at the same time
  • Fractal integration mode
    • When a new preset is loaded while a scene is selected and blinking, update blinking scene to the default scene loaded in the new preset.

Thank you @james,
I take the opportunity to signal a bug in editor, when we swap 2 presets in same bank, the preset list is not updated, we need to reload the bank.
One question concerning async operations for exp pedals : will this increase the max reaction delay between the pedal action and the sending of related CCs ? What is the max delay we can expect ?
Async operations have generally many benefits over a sync action but at the price of loss of what is the sync 's strength : immediat execution of action, no overhead.
Thanks again

Wow, totally missed this! Will upload tonight. Thanks, @james!

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There is a bug in this beta firmware version that causes presets programmed to trigger a scene in Fm3 not blinking when they are programmed to blink. And of course this is not in Fractal integration mode.

Thanks. I’ll check this out.

Are you referring to the latency of when the expression pedal is moved vs when the messages are sent? I did not set up a test to check for any delays in milliseconds but logically there should be no additional delays.

I didn’t quite understand the problem. So it’s not related to the fractal integration mode?

Ok, I understand it is not easy to measure. Let’s see, it will certainly improve the exp process.

Yes James, the problem is not related to fractal integration mode. I use several banks with presets programmed in the toggle function and with blinking activated to send scene change information to Fm3 and these presets are no longer blinking when activated, a scene is changed normally on Fm3 but presets don’t flash on MC 6.

Thanks for the info.

I just updated the firmware again today for the MC6 and MC3. Can you try re-updating with the firmware dated today and see if it solves your issue?

Problem solved James.
In my opinion, all that is needed for the integration to be fully functional is to make the selected scene in MC6 show disabled if any scene is changed in FM3.

I found another Bug, In Integration mode if any preset in FM3 is saved in scene 7 or 8 when we switch to this preset the MC6 shows one of the six scenes it monitors blinking.

Just another one : when we restore a bank from a backup, the bank and presets list are not updated.

@james - are the filenames in the first post correct for MC3 and MC6 firmware? Filename states 3.9.7 but when flashed to my MC6 the screen states 3.9.8 on powerup? Thanks!

My bad, file contents are v3.9.8 but I didn’t update the file name. have fixed.