[Beta] Relay Interface Enhancements

Added some enhancements to the Relay Interface integration with the MCx controllers. New options are currently only available in the staging editor: https://editor-mkii-staging.morningstar.io/

  1. Additional Omniport Relay settings.

    • Choose the starting polarity for Tip and Ring
    • Choose whether the tip, ring or both should auto sync to a MIDI clock BPM change.
  2. Option in Relay Interface message type to sync to a running MIDI clock

Pre-release firmwares below. Do let me know how it works for you if you give it a go!

2022-02-17_MC6MKII_Firmware_v_3_9_7.hex (575.9 KB)
2022-02-17_MC6MKII_Firmware_v_3_9_7A_NO_KEYBOARD_USB_INTERFACE.hex (573.7 KB)

2022-02-17_MC8_Firmware_v_3_9_7.hex (562.3 KB)
2022-02-17_MC8_Firmware_v_3_9_7A_NO_KEYBOARD_USB_INTERFACE.hex (559.2 KB)

2022-02-17_MC3_Firmware_v_3_9_7.hex (537.7 KB)
2022-02-17_MC3_Firmware_v_3_9_7A_NO_KEYBOARD_USB_INTERFACE.hex (535.6 KB)


Great move !!!
Any intention to sell a variant of MC3 with a relay output in place of an Omniport (or more), to avoid the collection of boxes and power cables ?

Maybe on the Pro :+1:

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@james Is it a modification one can do on the actual MC3 ?
I could be interested.

This is awesome, definitely will buy once the midi clock syncing is available.

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No modifications can be done on the existing boards

Dommage I was ready to buy a blamed MC3 + a Relay and try to mix the two in order to reduce power and link cables + smaller space needed.

Are you enough advanced to give us more planning info on your next hardware annoucements, we know an MC6 Pro for end of summer ?
Will there be and when an MC3 Pro ?
I would say that buying MC6 Pro would be expensive, related to my sole tempo management needs and the time I invested in my MC8s.

@james Sorry I’m a bit slow, but can you give examples of how these can be used.

I don’t think we can announce anything until we have at least a prototype that we know we are going to manufacture though. Right now for MIDI controllers, it is only the MC6 Pro.

This is meant to engage the relay automatically when an incoming MIDI Clock signal changes tempo, or you set a new MIDI Clock tempo on the controller. So, if you change the tempo from 60BPM to 120BPM, for example, the relay will start ticking 8 times according to the new 120BPM tempo to set the tempo of your connected non-MIDI device that has a tap tempo in.

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Hey James this great
was wanting midi clock tap sync

I guess question as potential feature request would it possible to be able to control the relay l tap division via footswitch /button - assign call

Use case is this
I have a voicelive play gtx which doesn’t have midi clock or cC but am using tap tempo via switch 3 tapped for no foot switch

Up until now been using a selah quartz timer as intermediary to Take clock from loop station and send relay taps (4x)

The selah has the ability to set the tap division on the relay in relation to the clock… this way I can change delay divisions on the fly rather than having to change preset and on some of the delays (like the ping pong there is only a quarter note ping pong )
On faster songs I like to have tap at half note and on slower songs quarter or 8th
Can shar a vid of the selah doing the thing /use case of useful…

Wondering how many people would want a relay interface to the MC6 Pro … and at what extra cost … and if that comes at the expense of other ports … or if this matters.

I don’t have much need for a relay and assume others do have a need. For me, the Pro is about the display, better processor/memory, and perhaps a few ports to replace use of midi thru.

On my MC8 (on 3.9.7) I see this option External Omniport Relay Interface in the Controller settingsConfigure Omniport, but I can’t see any additional options, no menu appears. Is it normal ?

I’m not sure to understand the feature, this relay could be assign to a clock, but could it be a type message to be assign in a preset ?

Since this feature is still in beta, you need to use the staging editor for access to the beta features:

The relay can be set to engage when the MIDI clock tempo changes.

Or you can set it to trigger when you tell it to by using a preset:

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Hey James,

Is this something I could set up once in the staging editor for the relay, and then leave on if I edit through the app or via WIFI at a later time? Or will it toggle off if I use the app to program a set?

The settings are saved in the controller so if you connect it to the app or editor at a later time, the settings will be loaded from the controller. If you need to access the staging editor in the app, there is a link at the bottom of the page to access it.

Hello, I’m new to midi so I have a lot of questions; but would new update allow a port on the mc3 to control the secondary function on a JHS pedal?

Hi! No, you cannot connect the omniport directly to another pedal for various reasons (mainly just to protect your controller from damage). That is why there is the Omniport relay interface to isolate whatever voltage that needs to be switched from the omniport: https://www.morningstarfx.com/relay-interface