[Beta] Looper Mode enhancement

We’ve enhanced Looper Mode in the MC8 v3.9.0 beta firmware to allow the selection of switches to apply this to (only the switches on the device itself).

In this instance, it is still possible to Bank up / Bank Down / Toggle Page, while pressing Switch E F G or H will send the messages out instantly.


will this be coming to the MC6 MK2?

Yes it will. Right now these are just being tested in the MC8 beta firwmare.


Let’s say I wanted to make Preset E Bank 1 go into Looper Mode and start recording the looper on my Hologram Microcosm. This seems to work well:


  1. Does this make all Preset E’s in all banks go into Looper Mode, or just in the bank in which you have the message?

  2. If I wanted Preset E Bank 1 to always be in looper mode, could I just do a startup Enter Bank 1 message to go into Looper Mode Switch E?

Thanks again!

Yup, the Looper mode is based on the switch, so if Switch E is selected then every Preset E in each bank will be in “Looper mode”.

The startup on bank enter to engage Looper Mode for switch E will work, if you want Switch E to always be in Looper mode

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OK cool. I usually have Preset E as the HOME bank jump preset, so that just might work out…

One way to get out of Looper Mode quickly in this scenario would be to Disengage Looper Mode with an On Exit preset action, correct? Or even with an On Exit action of that bank?

Yup, to exit Looper Mode, the only way would be to program a preset/bank preset to do that.

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