Beta Firmware v3.8.0 Discussion

Also I just have to say, I’ve owned a BOSS ES-8 and a Liquid Foot 12+ before my recent purchase of the MC8. Although I’m just beginning to learn how to program it, I can already definitively say the MC8 is hands down superior with its functionality, ease of programming, documentation, support and general workflow.

Great Job! Great Product!

@james I will send a screen shot this evening. I believe you have solved my issue. I think my short name is C4 > and the other is C4 < . I am using E%1 AND I’m using counter 2. I was unaware that E%0 was counter 1 ans E%1 was counter 2 and so on. So Im using Counter 2 and E%1 and everything is working as it should. Thank you for the explanation. I dont think I have any problem.

@james OK so using your directions I got it to work. I got the numbering wrong.
To be honest, the 1 unit offset makes things really annoying to setup from the user experience point of view. Source of confusion an error because with 16 counters this is getting out of hands. Easy to mess up. Couldn’t it just reflect the counter number without any offset ? That would make much more sense now with that many counters.

Thanks !

We use hexadecimal notation (0, 1, 2… F) because we have 16 counters and we can only afford one character. So 0 is for counter 1, F for counter 16.

0-127 requires 3 characters, %E takes up 2. Using 1-9 will just allow for 9 counters.

Maybe it’s easier if I call it counter 0 instead?

It would IMO, just for consistency and not having to think twice.

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I noticed when using ‘PC Number Scroll’ in conjunction with ‘Send Only’ you cannot specify a Midi Channel. I can work around this by first making the Message ‘Increase by 1 and send’ and then choose a midi channel. I can then change the message from ‘Increase by 1 and send’ to ‘Send Only’, the message will now have the Midi channel I selected.

I agree. Having the counter numbers match reduces the mental burden when programming.

Alright, thanks for the feedback! I’ve changed it to this in the beta editor:

Hopefully it’s clearer. Waiting for some emails coming in to ask why is it called Counter 0 :joy:


I’m getting similar behavior to my “PC Number Scroll” Issue mentioned above with Bank Jumps to last bank. Selecting ‘Bank Jump’ with “Go to last bank” = Yes, does not jump to the last bank I was in. Instead It jumps to the Bank Number that was last chosen when “Go to last bank” = No.

Ok saw this error. Will deploy a fix today. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback. I am experiencing the same issue. Will check and fix.

Fixed the Bank Jump issue in today’s release.

Also, we added back the USB MIDI Clock Handle, which allows you to receive and set the internal MIDI Clock BPM via USB. If anyone manages to give it a go, do let me know :slight_smile:

One question : is there a way to find which 3.8.0 firmware version is installed on my MC6 ?
I am getting lost between the dates, the WITH and WITHOUT and the test I did.

There’s no way to know the file name. The only indicator would be the firmware version number. It’s at beta stage and hence there is a lot of different firmware updates. Once it makes it to v3.8.1, there wont be any changes. Any bug fixes in v3.8.1 will go into v3.8.2 and so on, so there’s no need to indicate the filename in the firmware once its in stable release.

Hi James, How long till V381?

I don’t think we’ll be adding anymore new feature. Now just testing over the next 2 weeks and gathering user feedback, then we should be good to go

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Thanks for the answer.

Actually, it’s for a whammy effect so it’s better with the expression pedal. For now, i let it open and bypass directly on the pedal when i’m done.

I was toying withe idea of achieving this with the waveform generator, but i’m struggling for now. Will wait for a complete doc about this.

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yeah waveform generator feature really needs to be explained to become useful.


The counter value placeholders %E & %F don’t seem to be working with hex values A-F. For example %EA is literally displaying the string “%EA” and not the numerical value in counter A.

Thanks for bringing this up. I saw the issue, will fix in next release

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