Beta Firmware v3.8.0 Discussion

We’ve been developing the v3.8.0 beta firmware for quite a while now. If you are not familiar with how we release our updates, we release it as soon as a feature is completed so users can test it if they want. We leave all the firmwares versions there so users can roll-back to earlier versions in case of any issues.

The firmware will only work with the staging web editor (, All the beta updates related to the beta firmware is pushed here for users to try.

The beta firmware can be found here, along with the release notes:



One of the more exciting updates in this firmware is the Bank Arrangement feature, which allows you to utilise a “custom bank sequence”. This topic can be discussed here: [Beta feature] Bank Arrangement

We’ll continue to post updates on any new features here. Look out for an exciting one coming in the next few days.

As always, we greatly appreciate your feedback to us.


Hi… can I check how to upgrade to a beta firmware? MC6 MkII. I have read around but it’s not clear to me :slight_smile:

I’m running 3.7.3.
I used Firmware Uploader v0.9.1

The notes for the beta firmware updater state “This Firmware Updater is required if you have updated your MC6MK2 v3.7.1 (non-beta) and above”

Last time I tried updating to a 3.8.0 beta firmware, I used the beta firmware uploader. But I got the stuck screen thing and had to open it up and press the prog button to clear.

Was my method correct, please? Thanks, Colin.

Yes, using that method is correct.

Firmware Uploader v0.9.1 will work.

The upload process for the beta firmware is the same. Can you try again and see if the issue persists?

Hi - sorry for delay… have just used the beta firmware uploader to upload 15th Dec 3.8.0 - worked fine! Thanks!


the send CC on disengage function is really cool. Thanks!
I use it for a whammy on the Hedra. it works perfectly. Engaging when i touch the pedal and disengaging ok.
But sometimes i want the pitched note to stay more than 100ms. So should i do it another way or could you create a parameter for disengaging time ?


For the MC6 with the added TRS MIDI Out options for the Expression Input do those ports now qualify as full blown omniports. Thanks.

I can’t make that setting variable, unfortunately, but you would have more control by assigning a switch to send that message instead.

Yep, by the MC8 “Omniport” definition, the features will be the same across all controllers now

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We dropped a new update today (so be sure to update your firmware if using the Staging Web Editor).

  1. Re-arrange your presets within the bank in the Editor
  1. “Follow MIDI Clock BPM” option in the Waveform Generator and Sequencer
    When the Waveform generator or Sequencer starts, it will follow the current MIDI Clock BPM in the controller.

Noice update. Bank 1 Button F now locks my PC… because why not (I get that the function is for DAWs :innocent:)

I guess the CC Value Scroll function will get added to in due course? I’ll have a play and see if I can figure it out myself though but!

OK so I am adjusting my whole setup to use the new PC scroll with separate counters.
It works but I encounter 2 problems :

  1. My Previous way of using %E0 in preset label to show which PC I last sent now doesn’t work. I would gladly have it back as this is literally my eyes. I didn’t find an alternative way of doing it with the new counters.

  2. That would be awesome to ba able to rename counters so that we know what they are used for (in my case for now that would be renaming them to my pedals names).

Thanks !


I’m having similar issues. I’m guessing it’s because 3.8.0 is beta.

  1. When using “PC Scroll Up /Down (Deprecated)” both %E0 & %F0 only display 127 or 128 respectively.

  2. The “PC Number Scroll” doesn’t appear to work at all.

  3. QOL suggestion. Similar to DarkskyZ’s idea of naming counters to know what device we are sending the PC commands to. You could also have each numerical value in the counter have a label associated with it so you know what preset in the device you are scrolling to rather than just a number.


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Thanks for the feedback. Can you try the firmware dated 2020-12-29?

Since PC Scroll Up/Down is going to be deprecated and replaced by “PC Number Scroll”, we have shifted the %E0 and %F0 placeholders to use the counter from the PC Number Scroll instead. I just tested it and it is working. Do note that you need to go to the Controller Settings in the editor, and then edit the Scroll Counter tab.

Naming of Scroll Counters will use up “previous” space in the controller. Maybe we can have users load “Editor profiles” into the editor for such stuff to be displayed.

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Working now thanks! It was indeed the Controller Settings settings that I missed.

Thx James.

I tried and %E0 or %F0 still doesn’t work for me with 12-29 firmware.

I don’t really get your explanation, will we still be able to display the counter value say in Preset F while updating the counter up or down in A an E ?
What are the placeholders for each counter then ? Each bank may use several counters in different presets.

I had the same problem , I changed the %E0 to %E01 and it works . Don’t know why, don’t know how but it does.


Am I looking in the wrong place or just slowly going crazy? Are all the expression pedal message types (e.g. “Expression CC”) missing from the “Type” drop down box in the staging editor?

@Alamondm @DarkskyZ Can you let me know what your Preset Short Name is? So I can test it.

@DarkskyZ The counter is simply a placeholder in your preset name, which then changes based on the the placeholder you use. So E%0 will display the value of the counter from Counter1, and E%1 from Counter 2 and so on until E%F, which displays the value from Counter 16. So it is regardless of bank and preset. The Counters are on a global level. Using E%0 in B1 Preset A will show the value from counter 1. Using E%0 in B5 Preset D will show the same value from counter 1

Is your Expression preset loaded into the editor? The images you pasted are for the normal switch presets. If the Expression Preset loads into the editor then the dropdown box values will be different.

Thanks, I missed the step in which I had to physically move the pedal. And I watched the tutorial video twice! I’m definitely going crazy.

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